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Depending on who you ask, Dr. Michel is either a genius on the cutting-edge of Gaian genetic research or a dangerous madwoman headed for disaster. She's been responsible for countless breakthroughs over her career, but her tendency to experiment on herself has left many with deep ethical questions.


When you assign the common governor Zora Ikhwezi Michel to a city, facilities in that city that produce biomass will produce even more biomass.

If you have the Biospheres function enabled instead of the biomass function, this effect will do nothing.

Level Cards Strength Effect 1
I 1 +10% Biomass Growth
II 6 +20% Biomass Growth
III 16 +30% Biomass Growth
IV 31 +40% Biomass Growth
V 56 +60% Biomass Growth
VI 91 +80% Biomass Growth
VII 136 +100% Biomass Growth
VIII 196 +120% Biomass Growth
IX 271 +140% Biomass Growth
X 371 +200% Biomass Growth


Zora IG.jpg

The space age is a time of radical transformation. From the first settlements on Mars to expansion beyond the belt, stubborn humanity has had to grapple with countless new realities. Many advances have been embraced as necessary or beneficial, but there are still those perspectives on the fringe of normal society. At the fore of one such discipline, genetic alteration, proudly stands Zora Ikhwezi Michel, a Gaian researcher far ahead of her time and outside most observers' comfort zones.⁣

Dr. Michel was born into the Daughters of Gaia on burgeoning Ganymede, to the small Ikhwezi clan. She took to Gaian gospel right away, her analytical mind naturally embracing any philosophy that brings observable change. At the same time, members of Zora's clan encouraged her to think beyond what the Rose Queen or her Sisterhood preached, to consider what can be achieved through science untethered by gospel. She became top in her class in genetics and biochemistry, and while her clan had rarely gained much notice, Alana Freyja Lee recognized Zora's undeniable talent.⁣

She was granted her own research team to study flora found in other solar systems. Michel soon became enamored with her samples from new unnamed planets, and fascinated by their interactions with Earth counterparts. Knowing the Daughters' terraforming plans would ultimately threaten these species, she developed the unique view that humans should first alter themselves in an attempt to adapt to new surroundings. This proved unpopular with her peers, so she took the radical step of altering her own genetic code with the nucleotides of extremophile creatures from Earth and abroad. Her self-inflicted experiments have made Zora more resistant to extreme temperatures, less in need of oxygen, and even somewhat able to breathe underwater.⁣

Her appearance has made Dr. Michel and her movement more of a public oddity, but her views even cause turmoil within the Gaian world, for by advocating that humans adapt to new planets, she calls into question adapting planets to suit humanity. But she's convinced that her wisdom will be seen in time. After all, she now sees more clearly than anyone, even in the dark.

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  • Her clan name, "Ikhwezi," indicates that she comes from the Ikhwezi Vallis region of Venus.
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