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The Imperial War Ministers of the Daughters of Gaia, Lee was instrumental as the commander of the Gaian fleet during the Flourishing, when the Gaians emerged from the surface of Venus and established themselves as a major power in the solar system.


When you assign epic governor Zhou Xi Wang-mu Lee to a city, facilities in that city that reduce your world's temperature will reduce temperature even more.

Secondly, facilities in that city that produce Biomass will produce even more biomass.

Thirdly, building new facilities in that city will cost less credits. This effect does not affect the costs of upgrading already built facilities.

This governor's power booster ability will only affect Heat Reduction and Biomass Growth, not Construction Cost, since Construction Cost cannot be boosted.

If you are playing with the Biospheres function enabled, instead of the biomass function, then the Biomass Growth effect that Zhou Xi Wang-mu Lee has will not actually do anything.

Level Cards Strength Effect 1 Strength Effect 2 Strength Effect 3
I 1 +10% Heat Reduction +10% Biomass Growth -5% Construction Cost
II 6 +20% Heat Reduction +20% Biomass Growth -10% Construction Cost
III 16 +30% Heat Reduction +30% Biomass Growth -15% Construction Cost
IV 31 +40% Heat Reduction +40% Biomass Growth -20% Construction Cost
V 56 +60% Heat Reduction +60% Biomass Growth -25% Construction Cost
VI 91 +80% Heat Reduction +80% Biomass Growth -30% Construction Cost
VII 136 +100% Heat Reduction +100% Biomass Growth -35% Construction Cost
VIII 196 +120% Heat Reduction +120% Biomass Growth -40% Construction Cost
IX 271 +140% Heat Reduction +140% Biomass Growth -45% Construction Cost
X 371 +200% Heat Reduction +200% Biomass Growth -50% Construction Cost


Zhou Lee.jpg

Growing up in the Gaian capital of Ishtar under the crushing clouds of Venus, Zhou Xi Wang-mu Lee would often hear his grandfather's tale of how the followers of their ancestor Eleanor Lee had sought shelter on the toxic world. He often reflected on the early isolation of the Daughters of Gaia, burrowing deep underground in a symbolic mirroring of their mission to spread life among the stars. But as he grew and excelled as a soldier in the new Gaian military order, Lee decided that while his ancestors had been the seed, he would help his people blossom.⁣

Upon being selected as Admiral of the Gaian Navy, Lee enacted a campaign of rapid military expansion. Though no Gaian had left Venus in a century (apart from a handful of undercover scouts and spies), Lee foresaw that their supremacy would require rapid power projection, thus considerable resources were committed to creating a powerful military armada. All of this was done in absolute secrecy, so as not to alert nearby Horizon sky-platforms to Gaian activities on the surface. It was during this time that Lee met Rebecca Freyja O'Rourke, a disciple of the Gaian religious sisterhood. Lee was drawn in by O'Rourke's passionate faith and she by his ironclad resolve, and they united the Gaian clans of Freyja and Xi Wang-mu, becoming a power-couple who would reshape the solar system.⁣

Lee and O'Rourke were joined in marriage, and on the same day that O'Rourke gave birth to their daughter Alana, Lee unveiled their people's strength to an unsuspecting solar system. Massive warships broke the cloud cover of Venus, revealing below them a lush and thriving city which the Gaians declared would soon become the model of not just Venus, but infinite worlds to come. No Horizon or UN fleet dared challenge them, and so a new superpower was born overnight in an event now known as the Blossoming. In the wake of this triumph Lee was appointed Imperial War Minister for life, advising his wife the newly-appointed Rose Queen. Their union solidified the bond between religious dogma and military might that people on a hundred worlds would come to know as the Daughters of Gaia.

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  • He is the father of Alana Lee and husband of Rebecca Freyja O'Rourke.
  • He is related to Eleanor Lee, the person who founded the Daughters of Gaia.
  • The surname "Lee" is of Chinese origin, implying his Chinese descent.
  • His clan name implies that he comes from the Xi Wang-mu Tessera on Venus.
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