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One of the most feared partisan fighters in the Hephaestian Revolution, Peña has made a career out of destroying terraforming facilities and Gaian outposts in the name of Planetary Rights.


When you assign the common governor Zeke Peña to a city, the maintenance costs for the facilities in that city will decrease. This effect can not be boosted, so this governor does not have the power booster ability.

There are no maintenance costs on Beginner mode, so this effect does nothing on that mode.

Level Cards Strength Effect 1
I 1 -5% Facility Maintenance
II 6 -10% Facility Maintenance
III 16 -15% Facility Maintenance
IV 31 -20% Facility Maintenance
V 56 -25% Facility Maintenance
VI 91 -30% Facility Maintenance
VII 136 -35% Facility Maintenance
VIII 196 -40% Facility Maintenance
IX 271 -45% Facility Maintenance
X 371 -50% Facility Maintenance


Zeke Peña Lore.png

From TerraGenesis' instagram account.

Contrary to popular belief, the Sons of Hephaestus are not united as a single philosophical organization. Adherents to the teachings of Te Hau Arataki exist in a constellation of loosely affiliated groups, the majority of which are collectives of workers and machinists who act as non-violent advocates of the Planetary Purity movement. That being said, there are also those who choose to take the fight against terraforming in a more direct, dangerous direction, and the resulting chaos is where Zeke Peña feels most at home.⁣

Where Neil Jansson represents the clean-cut, just-folks, neighborly face of their campaign, Peña has become famous in his own right as the clenched fist of the Kaitiaki, the personal enforcer of the infamous Rex Jansson, leading black ops raids against terraforming installations throughout the solar system. These strikes have been condemned by many as terrorist attacks, while others hail Zeke and his fellow partisans as principled protectors of their homeland. His two most recognizable features among the masses are his facial scars, earned while leading a prison riot during a twelve-week stay in a Gaian interrogation facility, and his missing right arm, the story of which remains legend. The two most popular rumors among Hephaestian troops suggest that he either lost it by disabling a massive hydrogen processor with his bare hand, or that his environment suit was punctured at the start of a mission and he chose to let the arm go rather than scrub the op. Among the few who know of his volatile relationship with Pim Jansson, it's whispered that he may have lost it during one of their frequent (and oftentimes violent) rendezvous.⁣

Peña remains a fugitive at large, wanted for crimes against multiple nations on seven different worlds throughout the system. Even a handful of his ideological allies in the Sons have discussed the possibility of tracking him down and turning him in as a gesture of international goodwill. Not that such discussions ever made it very far: too many of the Hephaestian hardliners still support him, and the rest are too scared of him to try.



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