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The Chief Physician at New Mombassa Medical Center, Genet has consistently maintained the lowest infant mortality rate in the facility's history for over 15 years.


When you assign the common governor Yvonne Genet to a city, the native birthrate of that city will be increased. This does not affect the population growth caused by facilities such as the Transit Network, or by events such as Population Boom.

Early game, birthrate is not very high yet, but it will increase the more population your city has. Therefore, this governor is more useful late game than early game.

Level Cards Strength Effect 1
I 1 +10% Birthrate
II 6 +20% Birthrate
III 16 +30% Birthrate
IV 31 +40% Birthrate
V 56 +60% Birthrate
VI 91 +80% Birthrate
VII 136 +100% Birthrate
VIII 196 +120% Birthrate
IX 271 +140% Birthrate
X 371 +200% Birthrate


Yvonne Genet Lore.png

From TerraGenesis' instagram account.

When Yvonne Genet began her career as a physician, Earth's global infant mortality rate had been steadily climbing for over two decades. While the first few nations were just beginning to climb out of the hole left by the Sundering, the rest of the world suffered from widespread food shortages, rampant disease, and often a total lack of access to even basic medical care.

⁣Born in a suburb of Addis Ababa just two years before the First Impact, Genet grew up in an aid camp and spent much of her time helping the sick and injured. After going to medical school on a UNSA scholarship, she began her residency in New Mombassa Medical Center and quickly became a well-respected figure throughout the local medical community. With a cunning diagnostic mind and a talent for spreading knowledge and motivation among her patients, her efforts slowly began to move the needle in her community, and eventually in her entire region.

⁣By the time she was appointed Chief Physician, Genet had become a household name the world over and had transformed New Mombassa Medical Center into one of the premiere medical facilities on Earth. Once described by a journalist as "the most famous healthcare professional since Florence Nightingale," Genet has continued to work tirelessly to help the people of Earth heal after their long and trying ordeal.



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