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In the great land rush that was the initial hominization of Mars, Mardin developed a reputation as a fair and trustworthy mediator for land disputes and terraforming efforts. Now he's become a full-time arbitrator, helping to figure out the specifics of how to terraform a planet that is increasingly filled with groups who have conflicting interests.


When you assign the rare governor Yusuf Mardin to a city, facilities in that city that increase your world's pressure levels will increase pressure levels even more.

Secondly, that city's Culture Revenue will increase. Culture Revenue is earned through events such as The Mother Lode. This effect does not affect revenue produced by facilities such as the Coral Reef.

Level Cards Strength Effect 1 Strength Effect 2
I 1 +10% Pressure Growth +10% Culture Revenue
II 6 +20% Pressure Growth +20% Culture Revenue
III 16 +30% Pressure Growth +30% Culture Revenue
IV 31 +40% Pressure Growth +40% Culture Revenue
V 56 +60% Pressure Growth +60% Culture Revenue
VI 91 +80% Pressure Growth +80% Culture Revenue
VII 136 +100% Pressure Growth +100% Culture Revenue
VIII 196 +120% Pressure Growth +120% Culture Revenue
IX 271 +140% Pressure Growth +140% Culture Revenue
X 371 +200% Pressure Growth +200% Culture Revenue


From Terragenesis' Instagram Page.

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The successful hominization of Mars led to a mass migration not unlike the American gold rush. Because no one entity could lay claim to the entire planet's surface, land claims exploded, many of them overlapping and legally questionable. Such disputes might have risked plunging the inner solar system into all-out war before wider expansion could even begin were it not for skilled mediators tasked with keeping the peace, among whom the most sought-after and trusted was Yusuf Mardin.⁣

Mardin first earned his reputation as an arbitrator in his birthplace of Kabul, settling all manner of disagreements from grazing rights to post-conflict grievances. As part of his process, he insisted that each side in a dispute "confess their transgressions," taking ownership of the missteps that brought about the conflict so that each could be forgiven before the resolution was reached. Many proud Afghanis were resistant to Mardin's mediation style, but his practice brought about tangible results as his neighbors forged a permanent peace, and spacefaring factions seeking their own peaceful coexistence took notice.⁣

Settling land disputes on Mars was a completely different challenge for Mardin, as centuries of war-torn history were replaced with newly arrived settlers bickering over largely uncharted expanses of rock, often purchased from disreputable parties. In settling such matters, he prioritized the needs of poor settlers and refugees over powerful organizations that would seek to exploit them, helping create a legal framework for land owning based on stewardship of newly habitable planets that has stood to this day. His decisions earned the ire of many factions, but the Far-Future Institute took an admiring view of Mardin's precise deliberations, and offered him a leadership role which would allow the spread of his social science teachings far beyond Mars. Mardin weighed his acceptance of this role as carefully as he would any argument, and agreed to sign on with the FFI so long as he would remain free to work alongside any faction, free from their influence, to resolve any dispute which might otherwise devolve into system-wide bloodshed.


Yusuf may be of Turkic origin from his surname.

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