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The youngest daughter of a very prominent Gaian family, Song is a newly-initiated acolyte of the Gaian religious sisterhood. The obvious nepotism from which she has benefited belies a sharp mind and a keen eye for opportunity.


When you assign the rare governor Yuna Freyja Song to a city, facilities in that city that produce Biomass will produce more biomass.

Secondly, building new facilities in that city will cost less credits. This effect does not affect the costs of upgrading already built facilities.

This governor's power booster ability will only affect Biomass Growth, since Construction Cost cannot be boosted.

If you are playing with the Biospheres function enabled, instead of the biomass function, then the Biomass Growth effect that Yuna Freyja Song has will not actually do anything.

Level Cards Strength Effect 1 Strength Effect 2
I 1 +10% Biomass Growth -5% Construction Cost
II 6 +20% Biomass Growth -10% Construction Cost
III 16 +30% Biomass Growth -15% Construction Cost
IV 31 +40% Biomass Growth -20% Construction Cost
V 56 +60% Biomass Growth -25% Construction Cost
VI 91 +80% Biomass Growth -30% Construction Cost
VII 136 +100% Biomass Growth -35% Construction Cost
VIII 196 +120% Biomass Growth -40% Construction Cost
IX 271 +140% Biomass Growth -45% Construction Cost
X 371 +200% Biomass Growth -50% Construction Cost


Yuna Song IG.jpg

When Yuna Song's parents told her they were taking her out of school in Seoul and emigrating to Venus, it was like having the ground ripped from under her, literally. Ranked first in class out of 1,000 students and captain of her high school volleyball team, she had been incredibly popular amongst her peers and enjoyed the well-earned view from the top. Yuna's father assured her that their generous financial contributions to the Daughters of Gaia would lead to great opportunity for generations to come, but she quickly saw how the primacy of the Rose Queen's family dared not be challenged. Pining for home, she resigned herself to a lonely, powerless existence far from Earth.

All of that changed, however, as Song began to learn more about the Gaians and emerge from her shell. Her education with the elders of the Freyja clan revealed to her the galaxy-spanning ambitions of their gospel. The aggressive maneuvers and political machinations needed to rise as a force for humankind all fell into place for Yuna, and her passion slowly grew. Crucially, she also came into contact with Alana Freyja Lee, the untouchable princess born on the day of the Daughters' unveiling. In another life, Yuna imagined the two of them as friends, but as her competitive nature kicked in, she could not see Alana as anything but an impediment to her personal ascendancy.

In Song's view, the Blossoming had been the gravest tactical error of the current Gaian regime. Such an aggressive display of force by Admiral Lee and his navy meant that they had lost the element of surprise when dealing with their rivals. Yet Yuna insists that subtler means of controlling and dealing with other factions, including the Sons of Hephaestus, are still on the table. She has already proven her maneuverability among her own people, as those who once resented her family's implicit status among the Freyja clan have since rallied around her as someone with fresh eyes and new ideas. It has yet to be seen whether anyone can challenge the shared authority of the Queen and her War Minister husband, or their much beloved daughter. But Song remains determined, believing her appetite for greatness can propel her anywhere.

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  • Her clan name, "Freyja," implies that she comes from the Freyja Montes region of Venus.
  • Her family's power is further proved in the fact that she is in the same clan as the royal family.
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