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An ambitious young star on the corporate ladder, Vela has gained an impressive reputation as VP of Accounting of a number of Horizon's most ambitious projects.


When you assign the rare governor Xochi Vela to a city, facilities in that city that produce revenue, such as the Spaceport or the Ice Launcher, will produce more revenue.

Secondly, upgrading existing facilities in that city to higher levels will cost less credits. This effect does not affect the costs of buildings brand new facilities.

This governor's power booster ability will only affect Revenue, and not Upgrade Cost, since Upgrade Cost cannot be boosted.

Level Cards Strength Effect 1 Strength Effect 2
I 1 +10% Revenue -5% Upgrade Cost
II 6 +20% Revenue -10% Upgrade Cost
III 16 +30% Revenue -15% Upgrade Cost
IV 31 +40% Revenue -20% Upgrade Cost
V 56 +60% Revenue -25% Upgrade Cost
VI 91 +80% Revenue -30% Upgrade Cost
VII 136 +100% Revenue -35% Upgrade Cost
VIII 196 +120% Revenue -40% Upgrade Cost
IX 271 +140% Revenue -45% Upgrade Cost
X 371 +200% Revenue -50% Upgrade Cost


Xochi Vela IG.jpg

Xochi Vela has always been good with numbers. A quality education imbued her with the talent not just to connect the dots of what's on a balance sheet, but to read between the lines and discover what might be missing. This expertise made her a valued asset to her first small business in Mérida, though as she sold her stock and began eyeing larger prospects outside the Yucatan, word began to travel that her talent for finding hidden numbers might also make her a liability to companies engaging in less than ethical practices. This meant that her opportunities in the international business world were disappointingly few.⁣

Vela's luck improved when she broadened her search beyond the stratosphere, and sought employment on newly settled planets like Venus. She discovered that the Horizon Corporation was in dire need of financial restructuring, following on from their ambitious and quite costly terraforming escapades. She offered her services along with her list of prior achievements, and while Vivica Matiba-Cavalcanti was immediately suspicious of Xochi's true intentions, her father was eager to expand their ventures to more distant planets, and saw in her an aptitude that could help them scale beyond Venus. Vela was quickly hired as VP of Accounting, a largely self-taught role as her predecessor had departed with little explanation.⁣

Excited though she was to wield the full financial might of the system's greatest corporation, Xochi's skilled delving did lead her to discover the true nature of Horizon's most secret investments. Some of these revelations went against her own principles, while others would simply prove embarassing for the CEO and his family if brought to light. With no immediate intentions for what to do with this information, Vela instinctively began categorizing her peers' conduct for her own records. Before she knew it, she had a file on everyone, from the lowliest salesman to Matiba himself. Whether Xochi will share her records with anyone outside Horizon remains to be seen...

From Terragenesis's Instagram page


  • She is Latina, possibly Aztec as the name "Xochi" is one of Aztec origin.
  • Her predecessor in Vice President of Accounting is likely Sendhil Ma'at Sharma, who was entrusted with many of Horizon's top operations and left suddenly to join the Daughters of Gaia.
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