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The daughter of Appolo Matiba and sole heiress of the trillion-dollar Horizon fortune, VMC is also the face of numerous elite luxury brands throughout the system. Despite her frequent headline-making public scandals, she is practically untouchable and skillfully uses the publicity to her own advantage.


When you assign the epic governor Vivica Matiba-Cavalcanti to a city, facilities in that city that reduce water levels will reduce water levels even more.

Secondly, buildings that produce revenue, such as the Spaceport, will produce more revenue. This effect does not affect revenue earned through the Space Elevator. This effect does not affect Culture Revenue, although this governor boosts that too.

Thirdly, that city's Culture Revenue, which is revenue earned through events such as The Mother Lode, will also increase.

All three effects this governor has can be boosted with the power booster ability.

Level Cards Strength Effect 1 Strength Effect 2 Strength Effect 3
I 1 +10% Water Reduction +10% Revenue +10% Culture Revenue
II 6 +20% Water Reduction +20% Revenue +20% Culture Revenue
III 16 +30% Water Reduction +30% Revenue +30% Culture Revenue
IV 31 +40% Water Reduction +40% Revenue +40% Culture Revenue
V 56 +60% Water Reduction +60% Revenue +60% Culture Revenue
VI 91 +80% Water Reduction +80% Revenue +80% Culture Revenue
VII 136 +100% Water Reduction +100% Revenue +100% Culture Revenue
VIII 196 +120% Water Reduction +120% Revenue +120% Culture Revenue
IX 271 +140% Water Reduction +140% Revenue +140% Culture Revenue
X 371 +200% Water Reduction +200% Revenue +200% Culture Revenue


Vivica Matiba-Cavalcanti Lore.png

As the single largest corporate entity in human history, the Horizon Corporation has very high standards for its public image. Employees at every level are expected to maintain a clean, professional, and controversy-free reputation, and billions of dollars are spent every year cultivating a brand that is above reproach. But if you've frequented any upscale boutique in Elysium or read any tabloid on Earth, you will know there is one woman to whom such rules simply do not apply: Vivica Matiba-Cavalcanti, known to her fans as VMC.⁣

The eldest daughter of Horizon's CEO Appolo Matiba, and mother to his rising-star granddaughter Nubia, Vivica is perhaps best known for her off-and-thrice-on-again marriage to titanium magnate Arturo Cavalcanti, a union which has produced more tabloid drama in a quarter century than most celebrity families do in generations. The list of enemies that Vivica refuses to be in the same room with, due to romances (real or imagined) with Arturo, stretches into triple digits. So beloved are her genetically-modified cheetah cubs that when they were refused entry to Mars due to eco-contamination concerns, the couple kept the pets on a private spacecraft orbiting the planet for the duration of their trip. Vivica recently reached a peak of infamy as the woman who slapped UNSA Admiral Malakai Folau on a live broadcast, after he questioned the need for private spacefaring contracts to supplement the UNSA fleet.⁣

In spite of all the spectacle, those who like to laugh at Vivica's public persona tend to underestimate a truly shrewd business mind. Her headline grabbing has only served to boost the power of her official brand, VMC, making her a fashion icon and her clothing the most sought-after across the inner solar system, and Vivica's position on the Horizon Board of Directors remains unquestioned. She is watchful and vigilant with all Horizon affairs, in ways that some deem ruthless, but others recognize as displaying an unflinching eye for profit. But whatever you may think of her, one thing is universally understood: in life as in business, Vivica Matiba-Cavalcanti is a force of nature and no one ever knows what she will do next.

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