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Umbriel is a world of craters. Some are mere meters wide, while others stretch to over 200 kilometers. A never-ending landscape of ice and rock, covered in craters. Even the most prominent surface feature, a large deposit of an unknown white substance, lines the inside of an enormous crater along the equator.

This makes Umbriel a perfect world for Hab Domes, as the craters make for the ideal foundation in which to build the first cities, but if your goal is terraforming you're in a for a world of lakes. Be sure to keep careful control of the sea level, or you might flood your cities!


Umbriel is the third largest moon of Uranus. It's also the 16th closest Uranus' moon.


Umbriel has possibly a hidden ocean in its ice caps that you will need to get rid of completely before raising the world's temperature or pressure if you don't want it to get flooded. After you increase pressure or temp, put the water levels in habitable stats by using some Habitation Domes.

Habitation Domes generate biomass too, so let it go. If playing with biospheres, you can set a couple of oxygen filters to stop the oxygenation process.

You need to build your first cities on the edge or in the craters. Then as soon as you build more get higher.


Umbriel is a melancholic gnome from Alexander Pope's "The Rape of the Lock".

Umbriel was discovered in 1851.

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