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250 Million Years From Now

Your journey is almost over, but one more step remains; the distant future, on the forthcoming supercontinent of Pangaea Ultima.

Witness a devastated landscape of ruined cities and lost civilizations, and see if you have the skill to bring life back to a world abandoned by humanity.


This world can only be played after you complete Chibania. This is the last world in the Historical Earths story campaign.

Victory is achieved when you reach 100% independence and have fulfilled either the mission the Daughters of Gaia gave you (paradise habitability) or the one Red gave you (kept stats within 5% of original stats). You don't need to complete the normal goal for the faction you chose (500.000.000 population for the UNSA / revenue for Horizon Corporation).

Regardless of what you did on the previous planets, you can still choose to fulfill Red's or Alana's mission.

You have been granted access to a secret project under development by a foreign power: an automated system currently being taught how to terraform a planet.

One side wants you to terraform to Paradise, the other wants you to maintain the starting stats of the planet. it's up to you who to side with. At the time you reach completion for each world, your choice will be finalized in the computer's memory.

When you start playing Ultima, the world will already be producing 7 biomass/ minute because of natural growth. However, if you start Ultima with biosphere, there will be nothing there.


Getting rid of the water should be your first priority. Increase pressure and decrease oxygen. Oxygen would be 170,000 ppm and pressure at around 130,000 Pa. Then decrease temp, and then start growing biomass.


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Depending on on how many worlds you've sided with Alana, and on how many with Red, you'll get different victory messages after completing Ultima. The total number is what decides which message you get, not what you did on Ultima.

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  • It is based on the real-life possible future of Pangaea Ultima, in which all or almost all continents of Earth fuse back together in 250 million years.
    • The Reason why Ultima has lower Pressure and higher Oxygen levels is because the solar winds had become more powerful and all the continents on Earth may fuse into a supercontinent. Four potential arrangements of this configuration have been dubbed AmasiaNovopangaea, Aurica and Pangaea Ultima.[38][54] This will likely result in a glacial period, lowering sea levels and increasing oxygen levels, further lowering global temperatures.[55][56]
    • The truth is, temperature and pressure will increase as Earth enters the too hot zone of the sun and the greenhouse effect will worsen. Earth's temperature will increase more due to the effects that is stated above. Water and oxygen levels will decrease while carbon dioxide becomes more present in the atmosphere than nitrogen. Temps here on this earth will be about 21 to 26 °C (294 to 299 K, 70 to 79 °F) and water levels will decrease by about 200 meters to about a kilometer. Oxygen will be about 17 to 14% of the atmosphere and CO2 will be 20 to 25%. In 1 billion years, the Earth's oceans would have been evaporated, allowing carbon dioxide to further accumulate and cause a runaway way greenhouse effect, leading to the temperatures increasing catastrophically.
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