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As part of a Horizon public relations campaign in flooded communities on Earth, Mukai developed a process for rapidly reinforcing buildings and communities to help them get back on their feet.


When you assign the common governor Tomoya Mukai to a city, facilities in that city that reduce your world's water levels will reduce water levels even more.

This effect is very useful for worlds with hidden oceans, or for Vaalbara.

Level Cards Strength Effect 1
I 1 +10% Water Reduction
II 6 +20% Water Reduction
III 16 +20% Water Reduction
IV 31 +40% Water Reduction
V 56 +60% Water Reduction
VI 91 +80% Water Reduction
VII 136 +100% Water Reduction
VIII 196 +120% Water Reduction
IX 271 +140% Water Reduction
X 371 +200% Water Reduction


Earth's failure to address impending climate disasters put its residents in great peril. While rampant wildfires and rising sea levels in the pre-space era called for long-term solutions, acceleration of these events meant lives needed to be saved now, but many governments were slow to respond to the crises. Tangled bureaucracy and science denial meant that the fate of millions was left in the hands of brave individuals; thankfully, Tomoya Mukai was one such hero.

Tomoya Mukai IG.jpg

Initially, Mukai had dreams of winning Olympic gold in shot put; after sustaining a career-ending injury, her sponsors dropped her to focus on more promising athletes. While receiving treatment for her injury, she developed an interest in medicine, and soon began her career as an emergency responder in the north wards of Tokyo. Her instructors quickly recognized her aptitude and passion for rescue ops, assigning her to all crises from minor floods to nuclear meltdowns. She found local authorities far more skeptical of her, but she always managed to put forth plans that more experienced responders had not considered, saving countless lives as a result.

When she began leading international teams, natural disasters had become widespread and chaotic, culminating with the ultimate disaster known as The Sundering. Instead of a false personal assessment of Mukai by local governments, she faced something far worse: political gridlock. Petty disputes between parties meant that Tomoya rarely received the support she needed; rather than wait for the government's go-ahead, she chose to lead her own team into active floodzones. This action saved even more lives but also landed her in hot water with spiteful leaders.

Thankfully, the Horizon Corp heard about her heroic exploits; Appolo Matiba himself held a press conference with Mukai, offering to fund her rescue campaigns personally. While Tomoya suspects she's being used for PR, she now has leverage not only to guide countless worldwide rescue ops but to fund infrastructure projects in vulnerable communities to guard against future disasters. So long as Horizon keeps footing the bill, Mukai is content to focus on saving everyone while answering to no one.


  • She is likely Japanese, as her name is of Japanese origin.
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