Map of terraformed Titan

With a mass greater than all of Saturn's other moons combined, Titan truly deserves its name. It is 50% larger than the planet Mercury, and it is the only moon in the solar system to have a significant atmosphere and stable pools of surface liquid.

Hominizing Titan will be a unique challenge, but there are significant attractions as well: in addition to its size and unbeatable views of Saturn, Titan's mix of high air pressure and low gravity make it possible to live the dream of Daedalus and Icarus, strapping wings onto your arms and flying by your own strength!

About[edit | edit source]

Strategy[edit | edit source]

An easy world to terraform, Titan requires no specific strategy to be beaten. The advisable route is to begin to decrease the water level before heating it up to prevent flooding, as well as increase the oxygen level. The pressure that Titan starts with can suffice for habitability due to being considered barely habitable, though one must thin the starting atmosphere if playing Daughters of Gaia or one wants paradise condition as The UNSA, Horizon Corp. or FFI.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Titan is one of the Most Earth-Like places in the Solar System and the most likely for Life outside of Earth. It has Methane Lakes, Liquid Water under it's Surface, A Thick Atmosphere, Solid Water Ice that makes up the Surface and is hard as Bedrock, and Rain as Liquid Methane. All of this makes Titan a better candidate for Colonization than even Mars.
  • If you could get a Pair of Wings on Titan, you can Theoretically fly because of its low Gravity.
  • This moon has nothing to do with the Planet called Titan in the Marvel comics universe.
  • Titan is slowly escaping from Saturn. After millions of years it will be a planet in Solar system.
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