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The Terra Planets. Venus and Earth are unlocked.

The first four planets of our solar system, plus the moon.


This pack is also called Terra Planets. These five worlds are the five that can be played for free. The player begins their journey on Mars, after which they slowly unlock each other planet.

Venus, and Earth can be unlocked by purchasing an all-access pass, but can't be bought as a set. Generally though, they are unlocked for free by completing the other worlds in this set. Venus and Earth can be bought also but separately thanks to some updates.

Worlds in sets other than the Terrestrial Planets have to be purchased before they can be played.

100% completed Terrestrial Planets


Name Difficulty Unlock
Mercury Easy Default
Venus Medium $, Colonize Mars
Earth Hard $, Colonize Venus
Moon Medium Default
Mars Easy Default

The Terrestrial Planets, side by side.

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