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In the TerraGenesis Store you can buy Worlds, GP, Credits and Governors. You can also get a lot of stuff for free.


Free playable worlds (Mars, Mercury, and Moon ) can be unlocked for free; the rest has to be purchased.

There are three ways you can go about this. You can Purchase individual planets for $0.99 per planet, sets of planets for varying prices, or an all-access pass for $20.99. The all-access pass does not expire and includes all worlds that will be released in future updates (except for flat planet mode).

Set Name Price Number of Worlds Story Campaign?
Moons of Jupiter $2.99 4 No
Moons of Saturn $3.99 5 No
Moons of Uranus $3.99 5 No
Moon of Neptune $0.99 1 No
Dwarf Planets $4.99 6 No
Trappist-1 $6.99 7 Yes
Fictional Planets $4.99 5 No
Historical Earths $5.99 7 Yes
Random Planet $7.99 ∞  No


You can buy a silver card pack, 20 Governor cards for 75 GP, a gold card pack, 200 Governor cards for 650 GP. You can also buy a single Governor card for the Governor that's on promotion that day for 5 GP, and lastly, you can buy a whole lot of Governor cards for one single Governor that's on promotion that day for real money.

The gold card pack is the best deal, so try to save up for that.

If you buy a card for the featured governor of the day for 5GP, the price for the next card for that governor then goes up by 1, to 6 GP, and the next card is 7GP etcetera. This is a very expensive way of buying governors, so I do not recommend it.


On the rewards tab you can get Free GP by following TerraGenesis on various social media platforms. You don't actually have to follow them. If you click the 'FREE' button to go the websites/apps, the game just assumes you've actually followed TerraGenesis on that platform and gives you the 10 free GP.


On the Featured tab, you can earn GP by filling in questionnaires and playing other games. For these rewards to be given, you do actually have to do what the game asks you to do. The GP rewards are therefore also substantially larger.

Be aware that if you do choose to fill in questionnaires, you are giving your information to third party companies, and they can then sell your information to other companies.

GP and Credits[]

You can purchase Genesis Points for real money, which can be converted into Credits in another tab in the store.