Space is a harsh place, and humans are delicate creatures. The first step toward habitability is achieving a stable, survivable temperature. This is measured in millikelvins, or 1/1000 of a degree kelvin. By this scale 273,000 mK is freezing and 373,000 mK is boiling, and Earth has an average temperature of 287,000 mK.

Terraforming[edit | edit source]

As Temperature changes, it affects the state of water. Similarly, altering the atmospheric pressure, will change the temperature.

At temperatures below freezing, any existing water will transfer to "Frozen in Ice". Above freezing, ice will melt into water and raise the sea level.

At temperatures above the boiling point, water will evaporate to being "Retained by Atmosphere". If temperatures drop below boiling, water vapor will precipitate and raise the sea level.

Habitability for plants and microbes to grow on a planets surface requires a global temperature of 200,000 to 374,000 mK. Habitability for animals and humans outside of a Hab building is a narrower range between the freezing and boiling points of 237,000 to 337,000 mK.

Heating a world to above 1,500,000mK will create lava oceans.

Governors[edit | edit source]

Olivia Stein, Anyu Peratrovich and Zhou Xi Wang-mu Lee have effects that can help your facilities reduce your world's temperature faster.

Miguel Akna Henriquez Sepúlveda, Bom Pryde and Te Hau Arataki have effects that can help your facilities increase your world's temperature faster.

Buildings[edit | edit source]

Building Effects
Cooling Plant -Temperature
Aerostat Platform -Temperature, +Credits
Solar Shade -Temperature, -Biomass (biomass only), +Credits, - Oxygen (biosphere only)
Heating Cluster +Temperature
Borehole +Temperature, + Pressure
Orbital Mirror +Temperature, -Water, -Biomass (biomass only), - oxygen (biosphere only)
Hydrogen Processor -Pressure, +Temperature, +Water
Temperature Cooling Plant · Aerostat Platform · Solar Shade · Heating Cluster · Borehole · Orbital Mirror
Pressure Sequestration Plant · Biofixture Lab · Hydrogen Processor · Thermal Dust · AtmoGen Suite · Pocket Mine
Oxygen O2 Filter · Carbon Fixer · Hydro Generator · Oxygen Plant · CyanoVats · Kelp Farm
Water GeoCistern · Electrolysis Plant · Ice Launcher · Cloud Seeder · Aquifer Network · Comet Sling
Biomass Algae Colony · Kelp Forest · Coral Reef · Soil Farm · Grass Farm · Forest Stand
Biosphere Tidal Enclave · Deep-Sea Collective · Reef Institute · Automated Nursery · Ecosimulator · Zoological Society
Population Hab Unit · Hab Complex · Hab Dome · Children's Creche · Transit Network · Spaceport
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