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The biggest star in Horizon eSports history, Battulga recently dedicated his streams to raising money for communities in need.


When you assign the common governor Temmujin Battulga to a city, facilities in that city that produce revenue, such as the Spaceport or Ice Launcher, produce even more revenue. This effect does not affect culture revenue, which comes from events.

Level Cards Strength Effect 1
I 1 +10% Revenue
II 6 +20% Revenue
III 16 +30% Revenue
IV 31 +40% Revenue
V 56 +60% Revenue
VI 91 +80% Revenue
VII 136 +100% Revenue
VIII 196 +120% Revenue
IX 271 +140% Revenue
X 371 +200% Revenue


Temmujin Battulga Lore.png

Temmujin Battulga grew up during the early age of space exploration, as part of a very competitive family in Ulaanbaatar. While his sisters and brothers made names for themselves in extreme sports and racing, even mastering the survivalist skills that were so popular in reality shows at the time, Temmujin became infatuated with gaming. Teased mercilessly for simulating the same things his siblings did for real, Temmujin was told his passion was a waste of time. But as his skills and his fanbase grew week after week, recruiters from Horizon's gaming division took notice, and they offered him an official sponsorship at age 13.

⁣Serendipitously, Battulga's recruitment coincided with the global launch of the company's first foray into mobile projection gaming, the Horizon Compass. Technical hurdles and price-prohibitive hardware made the Compass a risky proposition from the jump, yet Horizon found in their new intern a passionate voice for innovation in games. Temmujin eagerly demonstrated to his growing list of followers the exciting potential of this new platform, allowing for fully immersive simulations of racing, combat, and sci-fi space adventures with minimal exertion and maximum fun. Following the success of the Compass, Temmujin found himself at the peak of both the eSports world and Horizon's expanding entertainment empire.

⁣These days, Temmujin is a superstar who splits his time between crushing his opponents in global championships and doing charity performances to raise money all over the world. But rumor has it that Temmujin won't be restricted to just this world for much longer: at just 17 years old, Temmujin has recently signed a deal to do a live tour of the solar system, playing in front of sold-out stadiums on and around five different planets. After all, there's no better way to show his brothers and sisters what everyone else already knows:

⁣Temmujin always wins.

From TerraGenesis's instagram account


  • His name is of Mongolian origin, implying his Mongolian descent.
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