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The original founder of the Planetary Rights movement, Arataki is seen as a visionary by her followers and a malevolent demagogue by her opponents. Her contributions to Hab-based life and industrial processes on barren worlds, to say nothing of her philosophical contributions to modern culture, continue to be felt in every aspect of space-based life.


When you assign the epic governor Te Hau Arataki to a city, facilities in that city that increase your world's temperature will increase temperature even more.

Secondly, Hab facilities in that city will be able to fit more population. This does not affect population growth.

Thirdly, building new facilities in that city will take less time.

This governor's power booster ability only affects Heat Growth, not Habitations or Construction Time, since those cannot be boosted.

Level Cards Strength Effect 1 Strength Effect 2 Strength Effect 3
I 1 +10% Heat Growth +10% Habitations -5% Construction Time
II 6 +20% Heat Growth +20% Habitations -10% Construction Time
III 16 +30% Heat Growth +30% Habitations -15% Construction Time
IV 31 +40% Heat Growth +40% Habitations -20% Construction Time
V 56 +60% Heat Growth +60% Habitations -25% Construction Time
VI 91 +80% Heat Growth +80% Habitations -30% Construction Time
VII 136 +100% Heat Growth +100% Habitations -35% Construction Time
VIII 196 +120% Heat Growth +120% Habitations -40% Construction Time
IX 271 +140% Heat Growth +140% Habitations -45% Construction Time
X 371 +200% Heat Growth +200% Habitations -50% Construction Time


Te Hau Arataki Lore.png

Te Hau Arataki was born in Matawhero, a small trading outpost founded by New Zealand immigrants in the Argyre Basin of Mars. Her parents were Resource Cartographers, charting water and mineral deposits across huge swaths of the Martian surface for future exploitation. During their long drives across the southern hemisphere they taught their daughter stories about her ancestors back on Earth, and particularly about the Maori doctrine of kaitiakitanga, a guardianship and duty of protection toward the natural world. As an adult, Te Hau would take that doctrine and forge it into a powerful interplanetary movement, a revolution that would change the way millions of people understood their role in the cosmos.⁣

When she grew old enough, Te Hau began undertaking her own cartography contracts, following a keen eye for Martian topography into areas previously unexplored by any human before her. But in her long, oftentimes solitary drives across the Red Planet, where other explorers saw only barren wastelands in need of transformation, Te Hau saw a natural beauty and an inherent purity in the ancient deserts, and determined them to be no less worthy of kaitiakitanga than the forests and oceans of Earth. Te Hau wrote volumes during those isolated expeditions, a growing canon of letters and essays and poems that would eventually be published together under the title 'Nga Taonga Tuarua', or as it was rendered in English, 'Ancient Gifts'.⁣

At first Ancient Gifts was virtually unknown, a whisper lost in the noise of fifteen billion souls living across eleven planets and moons. But slowly, it began to circulate among the farmers and miners and engineers who considered the Red Planet their home, and who resented the inertial control of Earth-based corporations and governments. As the disparate communities of Mars began to forge a common identity, the writings of the reclusive Te Hau Arataki were a shared experience that informed many aspects of the new frontier culture. But even she could not foresee the effect her writings would eventually have, as the self-described Kaitiaki began to rise up all across the solar system and fight to protect their ancient gifts.

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  • Te Hau Arataki is from the Maori ethnic group. TerraGenesis was launched in New Zealand, and this is a tribute to the beginnings of TerraGenesis.
  • She is Polynesian.
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