The Sundering is the name TerraGenesis has given to the ecological and climate crisis we are currently going through in real life, present in the Earth Scenario, followed by societal collapse in the form of wars, food shortages, rampant disease and lack of medical care.

UNSA[edit | edit source]

It is reported that the UN (United Nations, the one that also exists in the real world) got the world through that dark period because countries of the world pooled resources together in order to survive. Because of this cooperation, the UN consolidated power, and then they established the United Nations Space Agency (UNSA).

The UNSA's lore states:

Having overcome tremendous ecological crises on Earth through unprecedented international cooperation after the Sundering, the UNSA has consolidated its political power and cemented itself as the organization most firmly devoted not just to humankind's survival, but also to its prosperity and peace of mind.

The UNSA's faction description states:

After the Sundering, the surviving nations of the world agreed to pool their resources into a combined, truly international space exploration effort. After a few high-profile successes and the return of a relatively stable economy, the UNSA is poised to take its greatest step yet: the international colonization of an entirely new world, in the name of a united Humanity.

Asteroids?[edit | edit source]

There are hints that during the same period, Earth was also hit by multiple asteroids in both Buzz Sullivan's and Yvonne Genet's lore.

Buzz Sullivan's lore states:

Admiral Buzz Sullivan made his name in the midst of Earth's bleakest hour, known to history as The Sundering. With the world suffering repeated hammerblows, both from above and below, Buzz sought to secure humanity's future by serving in the UN Peacekeeping forces, alongside many of his peers. He hoped to be providing relief supplies and helping to rebuild shattered communities around the world, but as the situation continued to worsen and wars broke out like brushfires, Sullivan found himself rising the ranks in what was quickly becoming a global military effort to prevent the unraveling of civilization itself.

Yvonne Genet's lore states:

While the first few nations were just beginning to climb out of the hole left by the Sundering, the rest of the world suffered from widespread food shortages, rampant disease, and often a total lack of access to even basic medical care.

Born in a suburb of Addis Ababa just two years before the First Impact, Genet grew up in an aid camp and spent much of her time helping the sick and injured.

Sons of Hephaestus[edit | edit source]

In Rodinia's Dialogue Neil Jansson suggests that the philosphy of the Sons of Hephaestus came about because of this ecological crisis:

We have developed environmental ethics on Earth in response to environmental crises like the Sundering.

Accelerando[edit | edit source]

After the Sundering came the Accelerando, a period of rapid space exploration we learn about through governor David Munoz' description.

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