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Steve likes to make stuff.


When you assign the rare governor Steve to a city, the facilities in that city will cost less credits to maintain. Facilities do not cost anything to maintain on Beginner mode, so on that mode this effect will not do anything.

Secondly, building new facilities in that city will take less time.

Neither of the effects this governor has can be boosted, so this governor does not have the power booster ability.

Level Cards Strength Effect 1 Strength Effect 2
I 1 -5% Facility Maintenance -5% Construction Time
II 6 -10% Facility Maintenance -10% Construction Time
III 16 -15% Facility Maintenance -15% Construction Time
IV 31 -20% Facility Maintenance -20% Construction Time
V 56 -25% Facility Maintenance -25% Construction Time
VI 91 -30% Facility Maintenance -30% Construction Time
VII 136 -35% Facility Maintenance -35% Construction Time
VIII 196 -40% Facility Maintenance -40% Construction Time
IX 271 -45% Facility Maintenance -45% Construction Time
X 371 -50% Facility Maintenance -50% Construction Time


Steve Lore.png

From TerraGenesis' Instagram account.

There is a name which, upon uttering in terraforming circles, inspires equal parts awe and dread. An engineering boogeyman of sorts, the name represents the boundless enthusiasm of one who can't help but build and innovate, mingled with the inevitable fallout of unintended consequences, and all the bewilderment and frustration that comes with it. That name... is Steve.

⁣Born to an eccentric family of entertainers who shunned the idea of last names, Steve found he had little in common with his siblings who eagerly sought the adulation of cameras and crowds. He preferred instead to work behind the scenes in various crafts such as studio tech and set design, though his elaborate mechanical constructions led to a number of accidents (thankfully, none of them fatal). Considered very much the black sheep of his clan, Steve knew there must be a place beyond Mars where his unchecked architectural passion would be appreciated.

⁣That's when a fateful broadcast came through his homemade interplanetary radio, the first one made that hadn't immediately burst into flames. It was the Sons of Hephaestus, putting out a call to every industrial-minded spacefarer interested in joining up with their cause. Steve had no interest in their politics, but leapt at an opportunity to win praise for his unique engineering prowess. Upon hearing that Steve would build massive habitations quickly for a mere pittance in credits, the Sons' leadership signed him up to travel the cosmos, a decision they've questioned ever since.

⁣Have you ever had a Hab Dome suddenly jump to level X, causing more coastal habitations to flood? Have you found yourself stuck on a single terraforming project because all your credits have mysteriously disappeared? Has a rogue bit of code caused a flagship event to misfire, leaving your population befuddled and fearful of what calamity might befall them next? You have Steve to thank. May we forever raise our fist to the stars and curse his name.


  • He was a fan creation.
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