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One of the most prodigious minds of his age, Sharma has been hired by numerous firms to streamline their operations. Rumor has it that he never even writes down his calculations, preferring to hold all the information in his mind before presenting his conclusions.


When you assign the common governor Sendhil Sharma to a city, building new facilities in that city will cost less credits. This effect does not affect the costs of upgrading already built facilities.

This effect cannot be boosted, so this governor does not have the power booster ability.

Level Cards Strength Effect 1
I 1 -5% Construction Cost
II 6 -10% Construction Cost
III 16 -15% Construction Cost
IV 31 -20% Construction Cost
V 56 -25% Construction Cost
VI 91 -30% Construction Cost
VII 136 -35% Construction Cost
VIII 196 -40% Construction Cost
IX 271 -45% Construction Cost
X 371 -50% Construction Cost


Sendhil Sharma Lore.png

When asked what the Daughters of Gaia stand for and where their strengths lie, the average person might write them off as insular, single-minded followers with a cult-like devotion to Gaian ideology. Such assumptions would amuse Sendhil Ma'at Sharma, one of the Daughters' youngest leaders, and an iconoclast with a rather devout following of his own. Few had anticipated such a bright young business mind would declare himself a Gaian, but his fascination with terraforming stems less from the pursuit of a religious calling, and more from his love of pure mathematics.⁣

Sharma first rose to prominence as a private consultant for the Horizon Corporation, trusted with many of their most complex and confidential operations. His unique intellect had earned him the job, but his personal charisma is what propelled him to leadership status, and made him a well-known representative of the sprawling company. It was during this time that he came into contact with the Gaians, who had quickly established themselves as the preeminent leaders in the fields of biosphere design and ecological engineering. After being hosted and courted by many high-profile Gaian VIPs, Sharma found his old world in corporate logistics hollow by comparison. Increasingly obsessed with the nearly infinite complexity of planetary ecosystems, Sharma abruptly resigned from the Horizon Corporation, taking off for the Gaian capital on Venus with a handful of loyal team members before his superiors even knew he was leaving.⁣

Already seen as an eccentric and irascible genius by the people of Earth, Sharma's departure only reinforced the public's fascination with him. He and most of his team joined the Gaian House of Ma'at upon their arrival, reportedly drawn by the mythological Ma'at's emphasis on balance and interlocking complexity. He is now seen only rarely, in ceremonial appearances that make it clear he is rising quickly within the Gaian scientific community. Among those who can recognize such things, a recent Gaian proposal for a multi-layered system of seasonal biomes on Aphrodite Terra has Sendhil Ma'at Sharma written all over it.

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  • His name is Indian, and he also has henna on his hand, strongly implying Indian descent.
  • He is of the Ma'at clan on Venus, named after Ma'at Mons.
  • The collectible governor Xochi Vela took over his position at Horizon after he left.
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