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An overarching term for a wide variety of algae types, seaweed has proven to be a popular template for genetic researchers and planetary engineers. Its relatively simple structure and broad base of genetic samples makes it ideal for engineering new species from scratch.



  • In real life, seaweed is an informal grouping, not a taxonomic classification.
Aquatic Micro-Organisms Archaea · Cyanobacteria · Diatom · Plankton
Algae Stonewort · Green Algae · Kelp · Seaweed
Aquatic Animals Coral · Crustacean · Fish · Mammal (Aquatic) · Reptile (Aquatic)
Terrestrial Micro-Organisms Actinobacteria · Lichen · Fungus · Protozoa
Plants Grass · Moss · Shrub · Tree
Terrestrial Animals Amphibian · Bird · Insect · Mammal (Terrestrial) · Reptile (Terrestrial)