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Robert J. Gould would like to make you the offer of a lifetime. Whatever you've got, he can make it better at a fraction of the price. No questions asked.


When you assign the common governor Robert J. Gould to a city, upgrading facilities in that city will cost less credits. This effect does not affect the cost of building brand new facilities.

This effect cannot be boosted, so this governor does not have the power booster ability.

Level Cards Strength Effect 1
I 1 -5% Upgrade Cost
II 6 -10% Upgrade Cost
III 16 -15% Upgrade Cost
IV 31 -20% Upgrade Cost
V 56 -25% Upgrade Cost
VI 91 -30% Upgrade Cost
VII 136 -35% Upgrade Cost
VIII 196 -40% Upgrade Cost
IX 271 -45% Upgrade Cost
X 371 -50% Upgrade Cost


Robert J. Gould.jpg

There are household names in the age of terraforming who earned the respect of their superiors and the admiration of the public by way of their virtues: a brilliant mind, a noble heart, a courageous spirit, or just pure business acumen. Robert J. Gould is no such name. He's the man you call when you need to sell whatever detritus fell off the back of the Jovian convoy at a markup, and fast.⁣ 

Gould began his "illustrious" merchant career in New York City, offering historic walking tours of the hallowed United Nations building. When UN officials informed him that they did not allow unlicensed tours, particularly to those with no security clearance, Gould vacated the premises to run a cheaply purchased used freighter parts shop in Queens. While his below standard wares thankfully led to no fatalities, his unscrupulous business practices finally forced him to leave the city entirely, hopping a shuttle to Mars. By the time the shuttle landed, Gould had sold shares of beachfront property in Elysium to a third of his fellow passengers, which resulted in him being brought before Vivica Matiba-Cavalcanti. Apparently, on top of there not yet being a beach to speak of, that Elysium property was not his to sell.⁣ 

⁣Rather than bring formal charges against what appeared to be a small-time grifter, VMC made Gould an unexpected offer. If he pledged his loyalty to Horizon, she said, he could apply his passion for the pitch to merchandise, property and technology that's actually worth something. Robert believed at first that he was being conned, as this was the sort of once-in-a-lifetime opportunity he might promise to someone else before skipping town. It didn't take much more convincing once he got his eyes on his first paycheck, of course. Now Gould finds himself in a rare position, with a sizable fortune to bolster his perpetually shameless wheelings and dealings. It doesn't seem to have occurred to him yet that he might be in over his head...

From Terragenesis's Instagram page 


  • The name "Gould" is a variant of the surname "Gold," implying his infatuation with money.
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