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The father of Neil and Pim Jansson, asteroid homesteader Rex has been the military leader of the Sons of Hephaestus for decades. Known as a terrorist throughout Gaian territory, and celebrated as a hero among the far-flung sympathizers of the Hephaestian cause, Rex continues his quest to legitimize the Planetary Rights movements by any means necessary.


When you assign the epic governor Rex Jansson to a city, facilities in that city that reduce your world's oxygen levels will reduce oxygen levels even more.

Secondly, that city's Hab facilities will be able to fit more population. This does not affect population growth.

Thirdly, facilities in that city will cost less credits to maintain. On Beginner mode, facilities don't have a maintenance cost, so this effect will do nothing on that mode.

This governor's power booster ability will only affect Oxygen Reduction, not Habitations and Facility Maintenance, since those cannot be boosted.

Level Cards Strength Effect 1 Strength Effect 2 Strength Effect 3
I 1 +10% Oxygen Reduction +10% Habitations -5% Facility Maintenance
II 6 +20% Oxygen Reduction +20% Habitations -10% Facility Maintenance
III 16 +30% Oxygen Reduction +30% Habitations -15% Facility Maintenance
IV 31 +40% Oxygen Reduction +40% Habitations -20% Facility Maintenance
V 56 +60% Oxygen Reduction +60% Habitations -25% Facility Maintenance
VI 91 +80% Oxygen Reduction +80% Habitations -30% Facility Maintenance
VII 136 +100% Oxygen Reduction +100% Habitations -35% Facility Maintenance
VIII 196 +120% Oxygen Reduction +120% Habitations -40% Facility Maintenance
IX 271 +140% Oxygen Reduction +140% Habitations -45% Facility Maintenance
X 371 +200% Oxygen Reduction +200% Habitations -50% Facility Maintenance


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From Terragenesis' Instagram page.

Rex Jansson never believed in causes much, his sole focus being the love of his wife Katrin and their two children, Neil and Pim. Kat, a wanderer at heart, suggested that they seek their fortunes as miners on the frontier of Mars. Rex expected that only hard work would await them, but it was honest work and he knew they could find happiness anywhere. That steady comfort lasted five years, until a land dispute broke out between local settlers and the newly-arrived Daughters of Gaia, who had laid claim to the frosty plains of Acidalia Planitia for bioengineering experiments, and had already begun erecting their machinery. The miners knew this would destroy their way of life, and Kat decided to join them in confronting the Gaians in mass protest, leaving Rex at home with the kids.⁣

What happened next is the subject of much dispute. The few surviving miners reported that the Gaians opened fire on the densely-packed demonstrators before resorting to even more drastic measures. The Gaians insist that the agitators acted first, attacking the terraforming machinery and setting off a series of explosions. What is certain is that within minutes, the gentle slopes of Acidalia were littered with the bodies of a few dozen Gaian soldiers, and almost a thousand Martian miners, including Kat Jansson.⁣

In the wake of the slaughter, Rex became a changed man. Already familiar with Te Hau Arataki's infamous manifesto Ancient Gifts, Rex began to associate with increasingly radical elements of the Martian underground. Through Te Hau's teachings he came to regard the Gaians' actions as crimes not just against humanity, but against the planet itself. Soft-spoken but determined, adaptable but unyielding, Rex became the face of Gaian oppression, and the rallying point for a growing movement of intense anti-Gaian sentiment. Despite the strain it put on his relationship with Neil and the anger and extremism that was rapidly growing in Pim, Rex would not be swayed from his cause. And when diplomacy finally broke down and the Kaitiaki rose up in revolution, they did so under the command of Rex Jansson.


He is the father of both Pim Jansson and Neil Jansson.

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