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The visionary behind the Sky Farm system that ended world hunger on Earth once and for all, Shah began his career as an architect in the Hydroponic Belt of the Indian Subcontinent.


When you assign the common governor Raj Ahmad Shah to a city, the biomass consumed by the population of that city will decrease.

This effect can not be boosted, so this governor does not have the power booster ability.

When you play with the Biospheres feature instead of with biomass, population does not consume biomass anyways, so his effect will not do anything. This also does nothing on Beginner difficulty, as biomass consumption is not present on that mode.

This effect may come in handy especially on Earth.

Level Cards Strength Effect 1
I 1 -5% Biomass Consumption
II 6 -10% Biomass Consumption
III 16 -15% Biomass Consumption
IV 31 -20% Biomass Consumption
V 56 -25% Biomass Consumption
VI 91 -30% Biomass Consumption
VII 136 -35% Biomass Consumption
VIII 196 -40% Biomass Consumption
IX 271 -45% Biomass Consumption
X 371 -50% Biomass Consumption


Raj Ahmad Shah Lore.png

From TerraGenesis' instagram account.

Raj Ahmad Shah first made a name for himself as a traveling architect, specializing in self-sustaining engineering practices, at a time when there were far too many mouths to feed. Driving down rural roads, he would look out and witness the poverty that resulted from unaddressed environmental calamities and the consolidation of wealth to the hands of a mere few. His heart stirred, yet he continued his planning work for wealthy clients, believing it to be his one calling. It was not until his own siblings began to struggle and starve that he decided, one's worth as a human being should not be determined by what they can offer those who would feed them.

⁣Shah contacted the Indian Space Research Organization to propose a grand project: an entire network of hydroponic farms orbiting the Earth, growing and shuttling nutrient-rich crops to the most vulnerable food deserts on the planet. Such a project would permanently sustain Earth's population, and with the news from other parts of the solar system, Shah knew it would have vast terraforming implications as well. While intrigued, the ISRO had little to spare for such an ambitious project, which some at the time even called ludicrous. But Shah convinced them that with his own connections among wealthy benefactors, he'd only need their engineering support to get it done in a few decades' time. Surely enough, on the eve of his 65th birthday, the aptly named 'Sky Farm' network of Earth was declared fully operational, with Shah maintaining majority control over the entire enterprise.

⁣Despite his air of mystery and unique personal style, Raj Ahmad Shah never sought to become an iconoclast. Nor had he set out to make himself rich, yet he would not entrust one single governing body with full ownership of his invention. And while he is shrewd enough to understand that the Sky Farm is too impactful to remain proprietary, as the Sons of Hephaestus have already spent years reverse engineering his tech, he is content in his work. For so long as his successors make responsible use of his creation, hunger will remain a thing of the past.


Due to his name, he is most likely of Indian, specifically Gujarati descent.

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