Ragnarok is a huge world, over three times the size of Earth, incredibly rich with metals and a perfect position from its star to harbor life.

The only catch: it’s a hellish nightmare world blanketed with a crushing atmosphere full of smoke and poison gas. the surface is fractured with glowing volcanic cracks created by its unstable core.

Taming this world will be a true challenge.

About[edit | edit source]

When you start Ragnarok, its environment is not stabilized. Fissure vents cause +100/min in pressure, which makes temperature increase +5/min. Separately, the fissure vents cause a -80/min loss of oxygen and a -50/min loss of water. Additionally, a toxic atmosphere causes a -150/min loss of biomass.

Ragnarok has two moons, Muninn of size class IV (large) and Huginn of size class V (huge).

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Prioritize researching pressure reduction buildings. You don't want the pressure to increase too far over 2,000,000 pa. Remember that the Facility Crushed random event only happens when your pressure is over that number.

Set up two cities (each with at least 2 hab facilities, because if one gets crushed you don't want that to end all your culture revenue for that city) and wait for the Trade Route Established event to pop up so you'll have some credits to spend. Then depressurize, research and build spaceports and hab domes.

If your playing as the Sons of Hephaestus, you have to get the hydrogen processor to get the pressure to what you started with and decrease the temperature to 350,000 mk (even though you start with 458,000 mk)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The creator of TerraGenesis, Alexander Winn, said that playing Ragnarok on Expert mode with Biospheres enabled was probably the hardest thing you can do in TerraGenesis. So good luck everyone.
  • Although it is in "a perfect position from its star to harbor life", the unretained temperature is 350,000 mk. Possibly due to a low albedo.
  • Ragnarok is a reference to the event of Ragnarök in Norse mythology.
  • "Huginn" and "Muninn" are references to the Norse god Odin's crows.
  • In Real Life, Ragnarok would be Considered a Super Earth, A Planet more massive the Earth, but still has a Rocky Surface. Ragnarok is stated to be 3 times bigger than Earth. Assuming that, we can assume with a similar density to Earth would be around 2 to 3 times the Mass. Giving it the Category of Super Earth.
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