Low pressure on Mars - atmosphere is not visible

High pressure on Venus - surface is not visible

Normal pressure on the Moon - Clouds and surface are visible

The most important factor of a planet's atmosphere is simply having one. Specifically, having air pressure similar to Earth's 100,000 pascals (Pa) at sea level. From orbit, your planet's atmospheric pressure will affect the visibility of the air above the surface: too thin and it will be invisible, too thick and it will be opaque.

Terraforming[edit | edit source]

A minimum amount of Pressure is necessary to build a supply of Oxygen.

Changing Pressure also affects accumulation of Temperature. "Atmospheric Thinning" causes loss of heat, while "Atmospheric Thickening" causes increase of heat. High Pressure also creates the status of Temperature that is "Retained by Atmosphere".

The state of Water is affected by Pressure. At less than 600 Pressure, all water held as vapor or ice even though the temperature is lower than the normal boiling point. When 600 Pressure is breached (and given the temperature is within range), it all turn into water at once, which can completely destroy every outpost and city you have built immediately.

Habitability for plants and microbes to grow on a planets surface requires an atmospheric pressure of 10,000 to 190,000 Pa. Habitability for animals and humans outside of a Hab building is a narrower range between the 50,000 and 150,000 Pa.

If your world's pressure is over 200.000 Pa, it will be so thick that you can no longer see your world's surface.

Governors[edit | edit source]

Frank M. Srikar, Ayzia Aoyama and Nubia Matiba have effects that can help your facilities reduce your world's pressure levels faster.

Elle De León, Yusuf Mardin and David Munoz have effects that can help your facilities increase your world's pressure levels faster.

Buildings[edit | edit source]

Building Effects
Sequestration Plant -Pressure
Biofixture Lab -Pressure, +Biomass (Biomass only) +Oxygen (Biosphere only)
Hydrogen Processor -Pressure, +Temperature, +Water
Thermal Dust +Pressure
AtmoGen Suite +Pressure, +Oxygen
Pocket Mine +Pressure, +Oxygen, +Credits
Borehole +Temperature, +Pressure
Carbon Fixer -Oxygen, +Pressure
CyanoVats +Oxygen, -Pressure
Kelp Farm +Oxygen, -Pressure
Ice Launcher -Water, -Pressure
Aquifer Network +Water, +Pressure
Spaceport +Population, +Pressure, +Credits
Temperature Cooling Plant · Aerostat Platform · Solar Shade · Heating Cluster · Borehole · Orbital Mirror
Pressure Sequestration Plant · Biofixture Lab · Hydrogen Processor · Thermal Dust · AtmoGen Suite · Pocket Mine
Oxygen O2 Filter · Carbon Fixer · Hydro Generator · Oxygen Plant · CyanoVats · Kelp Farm
Water GeoCistern · Electrolysis Plant · Ice Launcher · Cloud Seeder · Aquifer Network · Comet Sling
Biomass Algae Colony · Kelp Forest · Coral Reef · Soil Farm · Grass Farm · Forest Stand
Biosphere Tidal Enclave · Deep-Sea Collective · Reef Institute · Automated Nursery · Ecosimulator · Zoological Society
Population Hab Unit · Hab Complex · Hab Dome · Children's Creche · Transit Network · Spaceport
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