Unterraformed Pontus map. We can see how much water it has.

The search for liquid water beyond Earth hit the jackpot with the discovery of Pontus, a world almost entirely covered in a single, planet-spanning ocean.

Establish a base on one of the few remaining islands. From there you can begin lowering the sea level, revealing new lands for exploration and ultimately a new world for humanity, from underneath the waves.

About[edit | edit source]

Pontus is a water planet with only a few islands scattered about. It is also a hot planet with a lot of vapor. Pontus has no natural satellites.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Use Electrolysis Plants to reduce the sea level and add oxygen to the planet. Then reduce the Temperature, but be careful because all the water hidden as vapor could turn into liquid and flood the entire planet.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Though not shown in its biosphere, it is very possible life could survive on Pontus. Deep below the oceans of Pontus it could be cold enough for life to thrive. It probably won’t be breathing oxygen since there’s none on Pontus. Most likely, they breathe hydrogen, or possibly carbon dioxide.
  • Pontus is also a name for a reigion of the Black Sea. Gotta admit that’s a pretty cool thing the developers did with the name.
  • Pontus also is the son of Aether and Gaia in Greek Mythology.
  • Pontus resembles the game Subnautica, where you crash with a big spaceship and have to survive in a little escape pod surrounded by one big ocean.
  • Scientists have discovered that Pontus is lurking around somewhere in our solar system
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