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One of the central figures in designing the first generation of Solettas, Dr. Stein single-handedly developed the famous Stein Method for rapidly cooling super-hot worlds.


When you assign the common governor Olivia Stein to a city, facilities in that city that reduce your world's temperature will reduce temperature even more.

Level Cards Strength Effect 1
I 1 +10% Heat Reduction
II 6 +20% Heat Reduction
III 16 +30% Heat Reduction
IV 31 +40% Heat Reduction
V 56 +60% Heat Reduction
VI 91 +80% Heat Reduction
VII 136 +100% Heat Reduction
VIII 196 +120% Heat Reduction
IX 271 +140% Heat Reduction
X 371 +200% Heat Reduction


Olivia Stein Lore.png

One of the more eccentric members of the Far-Future Initiative is Olivia Stein. Early in her career she became notorious for her unique balance of intuitive genius and experimental madness, the kind of person who would invent a revolutionary new system that could reshape whole industries, at the cost of burning down her lab or breaking the local power grid. This made Stein heavily sought after by corporate executives far removed from the daily work of science, and dreaded by anyone in closer proximity.⁣

Of course, Stein's habit of leaving devastation in the wake of discovery made her particularly well-suited to terraforming projects, where wiping away what existed before was part of the stated goal of the endeavor. Tempted away from a rather ambitious project dealing with self-replicating ice structures in Ilium, New York, Stein was hired to experiment with satellite thermal tracking systems aboard the International Space Station. UNSA reps had simply hoped for a better system for testing planetary climate models. Instead, Stein became so enamored with the late-stage implications of the project, she hypothesized a combined use of orbital mirrors and solar shades, attuned to the sun's position and guided through artificial intelligence into a dynamic and adaptive system for controlling planetary temperatures. This magnum opus was eventually dubbed the 'Soletta', but the science behind it was forever known as the 'Stein Method'.⁣

Blown away by her discovery, Stein's colleagues offered her a tenured position where she could pursue self-directed projects, including her Soletta research. Olivia, excited to explore the limits of her invention, suggested that the obvious next step would be to test it on Mercury, the hottest planet in our solar system. Unfortunately for her team, they awoke one day to learn that Stein had suddenly accepted a separate contract to study oxygenation anomalies in the atmosphere of Europa. Taped onto the microwave in the crew cabin of the ISS, Stein's team found a note with her personal comm address, a crude sketch of a redesigned thermal induction coil they'd been working on for weeks, and a request to "let me know how it goes!"

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