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The granddaughter of Appolo Matiba, Nubia entered the public eye as a socialite dabbling in music and entertainment. But now, diverging from the path of her scandal-prone mother, Nubia has committed to learning every aspect of her grandfather's empire, with an eye toward eventually inheriting the Horizon dynasty and carrying it forward to new heights.


When you assign the epic governor Nubia Matiba to a city, facilities in that city that reduce your world's pressure levels will reduce pressure even more.

Secondly, facilities that produce revenue, such as the Spaceport, will produce even more revenue. This effect does not affect Culture Revenue, which is earned through events such as The Mother Lode, nor does it affect revenue earned through the Space Elevator.

Thirdly, upgrading existing facilities in that city will cost less credits. This effect does not affect the costs of building brand new facilities.

This governor's power booster ability will only affect Pressure Reduction and Revenue, not Upgrade Cost, since Upgrade Cost cannot be boosted.

Level Cards Strength Effect 1 Strength Effect 2 Strength Effect 3
I 1 +10% Pressure Reduction +10% Revenue -5% Upgrade Cost
II 6 +20% Pressure Reduction +20% Revenue -10% Upgrade Cost
III 16 +30% Pressure Reduction +30% Revenue -15% Upgrade Cost
IV 31 +40% Pressure Reduction +40% Revenue -20% Upgrade Cost
V 56 +60% Pressure Reduction +60% Revenue -25% Upgrade Cost
VI 91 +80% Pressure Reduction +80% Revenue -30% Upgrade Cost
VII 136 +100% Pressure Reduction +100% Revenue -35% Upgrade Cost
VIII 196 +120% Pressure Reduction +120% Revenue -40% Upgrade Cost
IX 271 +140% Pressure Reduction +140% Revenue -45% Upgrade Cost
X 371 +200% Pressure Reduction +200% Revenue -50% Upgrade Cost


Nubia Matiba Lore.png

Horizon CEO Appolo Matiba has a number of grandchildren to his name. In spite of their pampered upbringing, or perhaps because of it, most have lived mundane and unambitious lives. But Nubia, the daughter of his eldest child Vivica, has always broken the mold.

⁣Demonstrating the same Midas Touch that her grandfather was so famous for, Nubia built a music empire in her early twenties while simultaneously earning a Master's in Global Business and an MBA in Entrepreneurship. Nubia believed she could guide her own destiny with these accomplishments, yet even after going quintuple Platinum with her single "Slow Dancing in Hyperspace," she realized life as a pop star would mean forever being told where to go and what to do.

⁣It was at this point she turned her focus back home to the family business, and to her grandfather's recent decisions at the Horizon Corporation. Setting her sights on a languishing and over-budget program to terraform the atmosphere of Venus, Nubia proposed a complete overhaul of Horizon's terraforming efforts thus far, with herself as de facto project lead. Her grandfather was enamored with the plan, and even more with the idea of bringing home this ambitious, confident prodigy who bore his name.

⁣With so many rival factions vying to claim any small patch of the solar system as their own, Horizon's newest rising star has her work cut out for her. Yet Nubia is already looking a dozen moves ahead, making plans to expand the company's portfolio beyond what even her legendary grandfather could have imagined, and to cement herself as the heir apparent to the greatest financial powerhouse in history.

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