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An organism adapted for nocturnal life gains a boost to its birthrate as it naturally avoids many predators, but the cooler temperatures at night make it more difficult for the species to survive in cold environments.



You could use this trait to make some of the animals we know, like mice.

Climate Adapted Heat Adapted · Cold Adapted · High Pressure Adapted · Low Pressure Adapted · High Oxygen Adapted · Low Oxygen Adapted · Humidity Adapted · Aridity Adapted
Basic Large · Small · High Metabolism · Low Metabolism · Exothermic · Domesticated · Beautiful · Poisonous · Invasive · Nocturnal · Delicate · Extremophile
Micro-Organisms only Infectious · Nitrogen-Fixing · Airborne
Plants & Algae only Cash-Crop · Fruit-Bearing · Deciduous · Photosynthetic · Flowering
Animals only Social Behavior · Flying · Pair Bonding · Scavenger