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Neil Jansson is a prominent Hephaestian. He is the representative of the Sons of Hephaestus faction and his image shows when you select a faction. If you choose the Sons of Hephaestus on your first world, he is the person giving you the tutorial.

Faction Lore[edit | edit source]

In the Sons of Hephaestus' lore it becomes clear that Neil Jansson is the son of one of the most powerful leaders of the faction.

If Te Hau was the mind and heart, Rex Jansson has become the clenched fist of their movement, leading attacks on terraforming facilities (and Gaian settlements) throughout the solar system. While Rex's daughter Pim battles alongside her father, his son Neil seeks a subtler path to victory, one that might avoid plunging the entire solar system into war.

Historical Earths[edit | edit source]

He features heavily in the Historical Earths campaign, where we learn what his philosophical and political stances are, and where we learn that he and Alana Lee used to be friends and met doing work in an ecological organisation. Find that dialogue part on Alana Lee's page. Neil uses the alibi 'Red' in the Historical Earths Campaign.

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