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The beginning of a peaceful coexistence.

This is a list of diplomacy missions available when your have Native Civilizations on your world. This list is only available after you have made first contact. Not all missions are available at all times. Sometimes your Familiarity or Happiness score with that particular village isn't right. The mission will show up when the prerequisites are met.

Visit this page to see those prerequisites, and see how success chances are calculated for each mission:

Main article: Native Civilization/Mission Chance of Success

Open Communication[]

The single biggest obstacle to inter-species communication is the language barrier. We should make a concerted effort to create a reliable translation system, to further our communication efforts and enable an easier exchange of ideas in the future.

Success: +20% Happiness, +1 Culture Point, +2% Familiarity

Failure: -5% Happiness

Something Special[]

Everyone loves gifts! We should a gift to the people of [village], something that represents our own culture and our hope for a prosperous relationship with theirs.

Success: +5% Happiness, +2% Familiarity

Failure: -3% Happiness

A Longer Table[]

If there's one thing that every species in the universe can enjoy, it's a feast. Our chefs have prepared an exquisite meal, blending local ingredients and styles with our own. Inviting the citizens of [village] to a joint feast should help bring our two peoples closer together.

Success: +5% Happiness, +2% Familiarity

Failure: -5% Happiness

The Grand Tour[]

Who better to show us around [village] and explain the significance of what we see, than the people of [village] themselves? We should ask for a formal tour, to see the village through the eyes of those who inhabit it.

Success: +5% Familiarity

Failure: -5% Happiness

In Memoriam[]

Prerequisite: There is no Happiness or Familiarity requirement. It shows up randomly for every village at the same time, then, after a couple of minutes of gameplay, disappears again for all of them at the same time.

A local dignitary in [village] has died. If we were to send a representative to pay our respects and honor the dead, it could go a long way toward demonstrating our respect for the local culture, and continuing a positive relationship between our societies.

Success: +10% Happiness, +2% Familiarity

Failure: -10% Happiness

Ivory Towers[]

Prerequisite: A Happiness score of over (13-27%?)

Establishing a relationship with another sentient species opens untold opportunities for scientific advancement. We've done well enough with field research and individual grants, but the establishment of a genuine research facility within the bounds of [village] could dramatically aid our cultural studies.

Success: +20% Happiness, +1 Culture Point, +10% Familiarity

Failure: -10% Happiness

The Cure[]

Prerequisite: Village suffers from Plague.

The villagers of [village] are suffering. A plague has swept through, and is causing ongoing death and devastation. We have the technology to formulate a cure, which we could distribute among the populace. With any luck, it will both cure the villagers and improve their attitude toward us.

Success: Removes Plague, +20% Happiness, +2% Familiarity

Failure: -5% Happiness

Trade Treaty[]

Prerequisite: A Happiness score of over (? 49-59%)

Throughout history, economics has been an integral part of every positive international relationship. If we can get the leaders of [village] to agree to an ongoing trade treaty, it will profit both our societies.

Success: Adds Trade Treaty (revenue), +10% Happiness, +2% Familiarity

Failure: -5% Happiness

You can see the amount earned from a trade treaty in the revenue tab of the stats page (the same place where you can see how much your spaceports earn, and your facilities cost, but way at the bottom.)

Trade Treaties with villages that have a higher level of infrastructure will be more lucrative, and the same goes for trade treaties with villages with a large population.

Infrastructure Level Credits
Stone 1c per 100 population
Bronze 2c per 100 population
Iron 3c per 100 population
Pre-Industrial 4c per 100 population
Industrial 5c per 100 population


Prerequisite: A Happiness score of over (?)

What greater gift is there than the gift of knowledge? We should send educators to [village] to teach the locals new skills and demonstrate new technologies. With their help, we should be able to increase the local infrastructure from [infrastructure level] to [infrastructure level] in very little time!

Success: Increases Local Infrastructure, +5% Happiness, +2% Familiarity

Failure: -5% Happiness

The village's local infrastructure is increased. This helps Trade Treaties become more lucrative.

This mission does not instantly increase a village's population.

The Shield[]

Prerequisite: A base Happiness score of over 75% Hab Dome has been researched.

The villagers of [village] have become close friends, but they remain vulnerable to the changing conditions on [World]. We could protect them by adapting our Hab Dome design into a village-wide protective barrier. This would enable the locals to survive in their optimal conditions, regardless of the status of the rest of the planet.

Success: Adds Protective Dome, +10% Happiness, +2% Familiarity

Failure: +5% Happiness

Peace in Our Time[]

The beginning of any first contact scenario is fraught with danger as much as potential. We should establish a formal peace treaty with the leaders of [village], to ensure all future interactions are peaceful and diplomatic.

Success: Adds Peace Treaty, +10% Happiness, +2% Familiarity

Failure: -5% Happiness

Having a Peace Treaty disables all Conquest Missions, except for Things Fall Apart.