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Enforce your will, at any cost.

This is a list of conquest missions available when your have Native Civilizations on your world. This list is only available after you have made first contact. Not all missions are available at all times. Sometimes your Familiarity or Happiness score with that particular village isn't right. The mission will show up when the prerequisites are met.

Visit this page to see those prerequisites, and see how success chances are calculated for each mission:

Main article: Native Civilization/Mission Chance of Success

Protection Money[]

[World] can be a dangerous place. The citizens of [village] really ought to send a few credits our way, otherwise who knows what could happen?

Success: -5% Happiness, +[value]c, +2% Familiarity

Failure: -5% Happiness

If this mission succeeds you are immediately awarded the amount of credits it says you will get. This is not a continuous boost. The amount of credits you are awarded depends on how many missions you have already done on this village (regardless of which missions those are). If this is the first mission you undertake, the reward money is 500,000c. If it's the second mission, the reward money is 750,000c, the third 1,000,000c etcetera. This mission is endlessly repeatable.


[Village] has to be taught a lesson. It's time to introduce them to a little concept from Earth's history: decimation, the systematic execution of 1.10th of the entire population.

Success: -10% of [village] Population, +2% Familiarity

Failure: -10% Happiness, - [number] Human Population


Prerequisite: Infrastructure Level is not Stone Age.

It's time for a little shock and awe. [Village] is currently a [Infrastructure Level] society, but with a coordinated strike we believe we can reduce the entire region to [Infrastructure Level] levels of infrastructure. Shall we order the bombardment to begin?

Success: Reduces Local Infrastructure, -20% Local Happiness, +2 Familiarity

Failure: -10% Happiness, -[fairly high number] Human Population


Prerequisite: The Shield

The dome that protects [village] is vital to the protection of its citizens. It is also the village's single greatest point of weakness. We should destroy it, sending a strong message and forcing the villagers to fend for themselves on the surface of [World].

Success: Removes Protective Dome, +2 Familiarity

Failure: -10% Happiness, -5% Global Happiness, -[low number] Human Population

For some reason, this doesn't reduce Happiness on a success.


Prerequisite: Village does not have minimum aggressiveness.

It is better to be feared than loved. We don't need the natives of [village] to be happy, we just need them to be pacified. Sending some troops to occupy the village and maintain a visible military presence should permanently drop the aggression rating of [village] from [Aggression Level] to [Aggression Level].

Success: Reduces Local Aggressiveness, -10% Happiness, +2% Familiarity

Failure: -10% Happiness, -10% Global Happiness, -[number] Human Population


Prerequisite: Village doesn't suffer from Plague yet.

The natives of [village] aren't showing us the proper respect. It's time we show them what a technologically superior species is truly capable of by releasing a bio-weapon among the populace, something they can neither defend themselves against or even fully understand.

Success: Adds Plague, -10% Happiness, -10% Global Happiness, +2% Familiarity

Failure: -20% Happiness, -10% Human Population

Trail of Tears[]

Perhaps it was inevitable, perhaps not, but either way the time has come. We don't have anything against the citizens of [village 1] themselves, but the land surrounding the village is simply too valuable. Sending our troops to relocate the entire populace to the village of [village 2] is our only remaining option.

Success: -20% Global Happiness, all [village 1] Population is removed from [village 1] and added to [village 2], +2% Familiarity

Failure: -20% Happiness, -20% Global Happiness, -[number] Human Population


This is it. All other options have been exhausted, we have no other recourse. At your order, our troops are prepared to begin to complete destruction of [village] and the extermination of its populace. We only await final confirmation.

Success: -40% Global Happiness, all [village] Population dies, +2% Familiarity

Failure, -40% Happiness, -40% Global Happiness, - [number] Human Population.

Things Fall Apart[]

Prerequisite: Peace Treaty

The time for peace is over. We need the full range of options open to us when dealing with [village]. By revoking our peace treaty, we can re-examine our military objectives and take stronger steps toward securing our interests on [world].

Success: Breaks Peace Treaty, -20% Happiness, +2 Familiarity