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Screenshot of Tethys, Dion, Rhea, Titan and Iapetus

100% completed moons of Saturn

Five moons named for the titans of Greek mythology.


Since Saturn is a gas giant that cannot possibly be terraformed, we get to terraform Saturn's moons. This set of moons is for sale.

Mimas and Enceladus are not playable due to their small size. The developer said that the radius of the moons of planets must be above 500 km while Mimas is 198 km and Enceladus is 252 km. If it added those, the cities won't fit and they will get too close each other!


Name Difficulty Unlock
Tethys Medium $
Dione Medium $
Rhea Hard $
Titan Easy $
Iapetus Medium $

*In real life Saturn has 82 moons.

Real life Moons of Saturn

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