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A screenshot of Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto.

Four moons discovered by Galileo and named for the mythological lovers of Zeus.


Since Jupiter is a gas giant that cannot possibly be terraformed, we get to terraform Jupiter's moons instead. This set of Jupiter's moons is for sale, or you can get the all access pack.


Name Difficulty Unlock
Io Medium $
Europa Hard $
Ganymede Easy $
Callisto Easy $

*In real life Jupiter has 80 moons.


Gas giants cannot be terraformed due to their thick atmospheres and unstable structures. Try to terraform a gas giant and it collapses by itself. Same as for Saturn floating in water, the core will sink down and the rest of the layers evaporate into the atmosphere (of the Sun sized ocean planet) and thicken it. The atmosphere will just simply trap into the atmosphere and also thicken it.

Real life Moons of Jupiter

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