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Miranda is a relatively unimpressive moon, a small body made mostly of water ice, but it does have one incredible feature: the single tallest cliff in the entire solar system, a sheer drop of over 20 kilometers. With the right equipment and Miranda's low gravity, a base jumper would be falling for almost 40 minutes before they reached the ground.

Hominizing Miranda will be difficult, but for such a tiny moon so far away from the Sun, we've already got an extensive waiting list of potential settlers. Start building Habs, and you'll be guaranteed to fill them.


Miranda is the smallest of five discovered Uranus' moons, and it's also the 14th closest to Uranus.


Miranda has a hidden ocean frozen in ice that you will need to get rid of first if you want to terraform it without flooding it.

Or you can spam ice launchers, and begin heating and adding pressure. You need really a lot of ice launchers due to at the first times the water will be increasing rapidly, and if you don't want to flood your world you need to low the increasing of water, because if you won't control it, your world will be flooded in less than two hours (more or less).

It is really really tiny, so be careful when placing cities.


  • In real life, Miranda is so small it is at the lower limit of a body being spherical under its own gravity, and its land surface area is about equal to Texas or a bit larger than France.
  • Miranda is the character of Shakespeare's "The Tempest".
  • Miranda was discovered in 1948.
  • Miranda has cryovolcanoes.
  • Miranda can probably have a liquid water ocean below the surface.
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