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Minh Tran is a rising star in the Hephaestian labor unions of the Asteroid Belt, helping to mine resources for construction projects all over the system. Under his management, project times have decreased dramatically.


Level Cards Strength Effect 1
I 1 -5% Construction Time
II 6 -10% Construction Time
III 16 -15% Construction Time
IV 31 -20% Construction Time
V 56 -25% Construction Time
VI 91 -30% Construction Time
VII 136 -35% Construction Time
VIII 196 -40% Construction Time
IX 271 -45% Construction Time
X 371 -50% Construction Time


Minh Tran IG.jpg

A life spent mining the Asteroid Belt is guaranteed to be one of hardship. With long hours trapped in in zero G, running dangerous equipment to harvest valuable minerals for modest pay, the job leaves most with a miserable or gruff demeanor. Not so for expert miner Minh Tran, who left lush Mars at 18 seeking honest work further out towards the stars. His consistently sunny disposition is an annoyance to some, but an inspiration to most of his peers who quickly came to view him as an unofficial leader among their crew.⁣

Tran's leadership role took more definitive shape when all independent mining operations in the Belt were forced to incorporate, or risk shutting down. The successful transformation of Mars had also set the sights of powerful organizations further out into space, and new contracts were being drawn up for the construction of waystations and exclusive provision of previous metals. When Minh saw what these groups were offering, particularly The Horizon Corporation, that's the first time his smile faded. He knew that if he and is fellow laborers settled for such a mere pittance, they'd be resigning themselves to an existence of backbreaking drudgery with no rest or relief.⁣

Reluctantly stepping into his role as ringleader, Minh rallied all the miners of the Belt to demand greater wages and personal freedoms than anything Horizon was offering. He sought to convince those vying for their labor that respecting the collective rights of everyone in their employ would yield the greatest results. Most wrote off Tran's demands as outlandish and unattainable, but the slowly unifying entity known as the Sons of Hephaestus, led by Rex Jansson, recognized his perspective as befitting their own values, and united their shared causes.⁣

Now the official head of the Hephaestian labor union, Minh Tran has worked tirelessly on the Sons' many construction projects with a keen eye towards efficiency, and that signature smile on his face. He does not concern himself with the group's political agenda, for their recognition of the value of collective labor and shared benefits is enough to sustain his devotion, and that of his workforce, well into the future.


  • His name is of Vietnamese origin, implying his Vietnamese heritage.
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