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The central figure of the "Bring the Heat" music tour and social campaign, Sepúlveda is a musician-turned-activist who is credited with helping to turn the tide of public opinion toward the terraforming of Ganymede.


When you assign the common governor Miguel Akna Henriquez Sepúlveda to a city, facilities in that city that produce heat, such as the Borehole, will produce even more heat.

Level Cards Strength Effect 1
I 1 +10% Heat Growth
II 6 +20% Heat Growth
III 16 +30% Heat Growth
IV 31 +40% Heat Growth
V 56 +60% Heat Growth
VI 91 +80% Heat Growth
VII 136 +100% Heat Growth
VIII 196 +120% Heat Growth
IX 271 +140% Heat Growth
X 371 +200% Heat Growth


Miguel Akna Henriquez Sepúlveda Lore.png

From TerraGenesis' instagram account.

The core message of the Daughters of Gaia, that it is the duty of mankind to bring barren worlds into full bloom across our solar system and beyond, grabs at the hearts of many thousands of followers all on its own. But to truly enliven the imagination, and to stir the passions of a mass movement of terraformers and avid supporters, nothing beats the power of music. And fortunately for the Gaians, they have harnessed unrivaled star power with the endorsement of Miguel Akna Henriquez Sepúlveda, the voice of a new generation.⁣

Embracing the performer lifestyle at just 16, Miguel's earliest explorations of music harnessed a retro style, making use of the string and percussive instruments of a bygone era, when spaceflight was still new and the solar system full of potential. But as his popularity on Earth grew with hits like "Starchild" and "Ingrávida Noche", Miguel began to pursue a more progressive sound, one that could perhaps only be found outside of Earth. He began a pilgrimage to various inner solar system locales in order to experiment with low gravity instrumentation, and to capture the natural sounds of worlds coming alive for the first time. It was during these travels that he became acquainted with the Daughters of Gaia, and while not a spiritual person by nature, the poetic whimsy of their core philosophy made Miguel a true terraforming believer, and he vowed to do what he could to inspire more.⁣

Miguel's alliance with the Gaians is what ultimately led to his greatest musical achievement: the “Bring the Heat” music tour, which began on Earth but carried a die-hard fandom of thousands on a years-long journey to Jupiter, to concerts on all four major moons ending with Ganymede, the Gaians' main target of public interest. The epic concert was broadcast across the solar system, and is largely credited with drawing funding and sentiment towards the eventual terraforming of Ganymede. Everyone remembers where they were when Miguel performed "Underneath the Ice" to close his tour, and hundreds who saw it live chose to remain and see the Gaians' work done alongside him, if only to be blessed with more of his music as Ganymede began to come alive.


  • His name implies that he is Hispanic.
  • His clan name, "Akna," comes from the Akna Montes region of Venus.
  • He shares his clan name with the governer Kainoa Akna Kalani.
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