Before humanity even knew what the stars were, we dreamed of visiting Mars. The bright red light in the sky has always held a particular fascination for our species, and now we can finally call it home. Mars was once very much like Earth, but since then the atmosphere has thinned, the water has been hidden away, and unfortunately, all life has long since disappeared. Begin by thickening the atmosphere and warming up the planet, and then you can set about reintroducing water, and eventually life.
Mars is the fourth planet from the sun in our solar system and one of the smallest. This is one of the prime candidates currently for colonization by humans because of its decent temperatures, frozen water, and small atmosphere. Mars doesn't have crazy temperature problems like Venus or Pluto may have- Mars is too cold to be out there by yourself but you won't burn to death on the planet like on Venus and you wouldn't immediately freeze to death like on Pluto. Mars is a rocky planet and has area for humans to walk on. There are two moons orbiting Mars, Deimos and Phobos which can be colonized in the late game. Please install the app!

Information For Terraforming Edit

Mars has a cold climate and virtually no atmosphere or oxygen, however, because it has frozen water, terraforming mars at the beginning can be quite easy. Raising the temperature of the planet melts the ice on the planet and causes sea levels and water levels to go up, therefore you could be killing two birds with one stone. Oxygen and Pressure will have to be made artificially, and you need a boost for the water so be sure to research everything about water as well. P.S. Mars is also one of the only planets in the game for free like the Moon or Mercury.

Trivia Edit

  • Mars was once like Earth, but as Mars' habitability ended in a bow shock, Earth's was about to begin. With this terraforming, Mars will be habitable once more, with adequate greenhouse gases as well.
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