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A Rear Admiral in the UNSA fleet, Folau made a name for himself during the Siege of Luna when he used sheer force of personality to cut through enough bureaucracy to get the lunar defenses overhauled in just three weeks. Many credit his efforts with the ultimate success of the battle.


When you assign the common governor Malakai Folau to a city, upgrading facilities in that city will take less time. This effect does not affect the time it takes to build brand new facilities.

This effect cannot be boosted, so this governor does not have the power booster ability.

Level Cards Strength Effect 1
I 1 -5% Upgrade Time
II 6 -10% Upgrade Time
III 16 -15% Upgrade Time
IV 31 -20% Upgrade Time
V 56 -25% Upgrade Time
VI 91 -30% Upgrade Time
VII 136 -35% Upgrade Time
VIII 196 -40% Upgrade Time
IX 271 -45% Upgrade Time
X 371 -50% Upgrade Time


From Terragenesis' Instagram page.

Malakai Folau IG.jpg

When Buzz Sullivan was made Fleet Commander of the UNSA, he provided few personal demands. Perhaps the most notable condition, however, was the inclusion of Sergeant Malakai Folau as a key member of his transition team. Having served with one another in the UN's peacekeeping forces, the two seemed to share a bond that was initially difficult for their new peers to identify. But the answer soon became clear: what Sullivan had in strategic foresight Folau more than matched in stout-hearted bravado, and both men knew how to use this to the benefit of uniting soldiers behind a shared cause.⁣

This unique partnership was soon put to the test, when the UNSA intercepted reports of an impending pirate attack against the Moon's burgeoning refugee outpost. It contained no defensive provisions to speak of, and the budget to merely sustain power on the station was still tenuous with political leaders back on Earth. Rather than turn his focus away from preparing the Moon settlers for possible aggressions, Sullivan sent Folau to confront the UN Security Council in person.⁣

The leading nations' representatives insisted that the Sundering had left them with too few resources to continue funding this spaceborne experiment in the face of a credible threat. But Malakai browbeat and cajoled the sponsors into guaranteeing the security of Luna for the time required to become self-sustaining. He returned to Sullivan with starships and defense contractors in tow, and with their combined leadership over three weeks, the UNSA prepared to meet and ultimately defeat the pirate incursion in what became known as the Siege of Luna.⁣

Now a Rear Admiral in the growing UNSA fleet, Malakai is widely recognized as much for his force of personality as for his skill in combat. This makes him overall less diplomatic than his Fleet Commander counterpart, and has earned him the ire of rival interests, as well as one highly televised slap from Vivica Matiba-Cavalcanti. Other naval leaders worry that Folau's inflexibility might lead them into trouble deeper out in the solar system, but when a crisis looms and compromise is not an option, everyone knows who to call.


His lore description is the first reference to an armed conflict but no details are given.

Due to his name, he is most likely of Tongan descent.

He was slapped on a live broadcast by Vivica Matiba-Cavalcanti .

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