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Despite being born over a century after the last of the coral reefs died out, Duke has always had a passion for undersea ecosystems. He's built a thriving business by revitalizing ocean biomes, and then monetizing them through sustainable tourism and educational programs.


When you assign the rare governor Makuahanai "Duke" Kalama to a city, facilities in that city that produce revenue, such as the Spaceport or Ice Launcher, produce even more revenue. This effect does not affect Culture Revenue, which is earned from events such as The Mother Lode.

Secondly, facilities in that city that increase your world's water levels, such as the Comet Sling, will increase water levels even more.

Level Cards Strength Effect 1 Strength Effect 2
I 1 +10% Water Growth +10% Revenue
II 6 +20% Water Growth +20% Revenue
III 16 +30% Water Growth +30% Revenue
IV 31 +40% Water Growth +40% Revenue
V 56 +60% Water Growth +60% Revenue
VI 91 +80% Water Growth +80% Revenue
VII 136 +100% Water Growth +100% Revenue
VIII 196 +120% Water Growth +120% Revenue
IX 271 +140% Water Growth +140% Revenue
X 371 +200% Water Growth +200% Revenue


From Terragenesis' Instagram page.

Makuahanai Kalama IG.jpg

Despite Earth's recovery from the Sundering, not everything was saved. The Great Barrier Reef, already in its death throes, did not survive Earth's greatest ecological collapse, and along with it a huge portion of the planet's marine life also perished. Most alive at the time viewed the loss as unavoidable tragedy, as they had to focus all attention on humanity's own survival. But many of a new generation lamented an Earth without such splendor as a horrible tragedy to be rectified, particularly Makuahanai Kalama, renowned oceanographer and free-spirited dreamer.⁣

When he was born in Lanai, rising sea levels had claimed a majority Hawaii's landmass, but emergency climate measures had halted the tide. Kalama would have been content as a young man to ride the waves and explore the vast ocean surrounding his home, but while earning his doctorate, he became enamored with depictions of a vibrant bygone ecosystem off the coast of Australia. In advocating heavily for aquatic restoration, he took on a de facto leadership role with his fellow students, who nicknamed him "Duke" due to the commanding air which accompanied his natural serenity. Following graduation, he led expeditions to the Coral Sea to observe what little life remained. This young seafaring team became affectionately known as the Kalama Crew.⁣

Duke's successes in the Pacific led the Far Future Institute to make him an offer: marine life projects on Mars had faltered, so they tasked him with adapting the small artificial ocean there to better mimic Earth's. Kalama took the interplanetary journey and what he discovered, far more than an empty ocean, was the blank aquatic canvas of his dreams. A wholly unpolluted body of water allowed him to synthesize amphibious flora and fauna based on the cellular structure of extinct species from Earth. What's more, he enhanced the fortitude of these lifeforms with the genetic coding of surviving species found deep in the Coral Sea by the Kalama crew. Through his passionate work, Mars received its first self-sustaining ecosystem known as the Great Utopia Reef, and Duke achieved his dream of building a beautiful living sea upon which to sail.



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