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Terrafromed Makemake with cities and stats

Originally discovered shortly after Easter in 2005, Makemake was given the codename 'Easterbunny' while researchers investigated its existence and properties.

Upon realizing that it was a dwarf planet the scientists named it Makemake, after the creator of humanity and god of fertility in the mythos of the Rapa Nui, the native people of Easter Island, to preserve the object's connection with Easter.


Makemake is a very cold planet with no atmosphere to speak of.


Makemake doesn't have any ice unlike the other dwarf planets. When you place your cities, try and place them up north because when you add water, it pools at the south (like Mars, it mostly pools on the north than in the south). Firstly, use the Soletta when you’re dealing with the Temperature. Then, increase Pressure to habitable levels with Spaceports. Stabilize the pressure increase from them with Kelp Farms while increasing oxygen. Once the first three stats are in paradise range, the last 2 are pretty straightforward, so I won’t mention the strategies for them here. You can spam spaceports on Makemake's natural satellite for money.


• Makemake is very far from the sun, which means that it receives a small amount of the sun's light and heat. Even if we heat it, it’d still be pitch-black all the time, rendering all life devoid.

• In real life, Makemake has a large moon called S/2015 (136472) 1 or commonly known as MK2. But in this game, the moon is not included. It might appear in the next update.

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