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A leading figure in the Uzbekistani community on Mercury during the Oxygen crisis of 2194, Faradova pioneered new methods for long-term survival in low-oxygen environments.


When you assign the common governor Lola Faradova to a city, facilities in that city that reduce your world's oxygen levels will reduce oxygen levels even more.

Level Cards Strength Effect 1
I 1 +10% Oxygen Reduction
II 6 +20% Oxygen Reduction
III 16 +30% Oxygen Reduction
IV 31 +40% Oxygen Reduction
V 56 +60% Oxygen Reduction
VI 91 +80% Oxygen Reduction
VII 136 +100% Oxygen Reduction
VIII 196 +120% Oxygen Reduction
IX 271 +140% Oxygen Reduction
X 371 +200% Oxygen Reduction


From Terragenesis's Instagram page.

Lola Faradova IG.jpg

Children once dreamed of becoming astronauts. Then, once it became commonplace to travel the solar system, some began to seek an even higher calling: to become explorers of the wider galaxy. Lola Faradova was one such dreamer, but when her family accepted an offer to join a small group of Uzbekistani refugees in settling a still-underdeveloped Mercury, she was shuttled far inward from the edges of the solar system, and feared she may never get to realize her dream of visiting a distant star.

Faradova took this setback in stride, knowing that her community needed her help to accomplish another extraordinary feat: to build the first self-sustaining city on the Sun's closest planet. As her peers toiled with the routine mechanics of Hab construction and terraforming which had been pioneered on Mars, she read up on protocols and tech experiments in the field of long-term survival in deep space, especially those related to oxygen rationing. This knowledge proved invaluable on her 25th birthday, when a cascading system failure across all of New Tashkent caused air flow to reverse, leading to emergency containment and the slow venting of oxygen reserves out into Mercury's thin atmosphere.

The city's governors knew an evacuation may be inevitable, but feared this would make refugees of its inhabitants once more. Stepping forth with an alternate plan, Faradova convinced everyone that repairs and survival would be possible with a proper rationing of oxygen. As her family and friends hunkered down in their Habs, exercising limited breathing techniques and emergency air filtration methods, Faradova and a small crew of engineers worked about the exterior, repairing leaks and manually diverting oxygen flow. Thanks to her efforts, thousands survived in these rigorous conditions for weeks, until an emergency convoy finally arrived.

Faradova was declared a hero on Mercury, and when the Far-Future Institute reached out she saw her shot at destiny and took it. Painful though it was to leave the home she had made, the opportunity to apply her insight on low-oxygen survival as a leader in the FFI's deep space exploratory division was simply too incredible to pass up.



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