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Post from TerraGenesis' Facebook for the live event.

The Horizon board of directors are counting on us to get Venus's atmospheric pressure down, and fast. Whatever it takes to achieve that goal, that's what we need to do. We cannot miss this deadline.

Under Pressure is a live event that runs occasionally, usually starting at 12am UTC on some Wednesdays. During the event's runtime it can be reached by tapping an icon of Venus underneath the icon that allows you to Fast Forward worlds. Tapping the event icon would take you directly to the event planet, an unterraformed Normal mode Venus with different priorities than a normal Venus would have. The world is played with the Horizon Corporation faction.

Four milestones can be reached in the event, each giving different rewards.

This event starts with the Culture values that come with the Horizon Corporation, and you are still restricted to the faction's culture limit (No Knowledge Values) until you built the Lagrange Academy.


  • Use Hab Complexes or, preferrably, Hab Domes for building slots.
  • Build and upgrade enough Hydrogen Processors to get anywhere from –5000 to –6000 Pa/min. More is not necessary but will speed up the process.
  • Do not worry about heat or water. Heat will not increase enough to form lava and water will be 100% vapor.
  • Use governors.

In-Game Text[]

Hello, my name is Nubia Matiba. I'm the granddaughter of Appolo Matiba, founder of Horizon Corporation. And I need your help.

We recently sub-contracted a company to begin cleaning the atmosphere of Venus, but they’re not getting the job done. My grandfather has put me in charge of getting the project back on track and I’m hiring you. We need to get Venus’s atmosphere down to habitable levels, and we don’t have much time.

Do you think you have what it takes to terraform the planet on a deadline? There are sizeable rewards in it for you, if you can.


Milestones can be viewed by clicking the event icon (in this case it looks like Venus) while you are already on the event world.

This is also the place where you collect your rewards after you have completed the milestones.

Getting Started[]

We need to get this project moving. Lowering the planet's atmosphere to 8.000.000 Pa will demonstrate to the investors that we're on the right track, and free up additional funding so we can expand our operation.

Goal: Decrease pressure to 8,000,000 Pa

Rewards: 2,000,000c

Text after achievement:

(insert text here)

Real Progress[]

Once the initial milestone has been met, it's time to get to work. An additional drop of two million Pascals will prove that our early successes weren't just a fluke. By the time we're there, we'll be a third of the way to our goal.

Goal: Decrease pressure to 6,500,000 Pa

Rewards: Bronze Governor Pack, 5,000,000c

Text after achievement:

Alright, we are officially making progress! Venus's atmosphere has lost one third of its pressure, and we're already seeing measurable improvements at ground level. There's still a lot of work to do, but I've gotten them to free up some overtime hours for our team so we can continue pushing forward.

Downhill From Here[]

By this point, we've proven that your strategies are working. People back at Headquarters are taking notice, and I've already had to fight off a few other departments from poaching you. Keep it up and we might just get this done!

Goal: Decrease pressure to 4,000,000 Pa

Rewards: 20 GP, Bronze Governor Pack

Text after achievement:

(insert text here)

Finish Line[]

This is it, the home stretch. If we can reach habitable pressure within our deadline, we are going to revolutionize how Horizon views the viability of future terraforming projects. Good luck!

Goal: Decrease pressure to 150,000 Pa

Rewards: 12 Fast-Forward Hours, 20 GP

Text after achievement:

This was an impossible project, and you knocked it out of the park. People are already talking about Venus as a test case for rapid terraforming projects, and Horizon is at the vanguard of that movement, thanks to you. Congratulations, this is an incredible achievement.

Under Pressure[]

The Horizon board of directors are counting on us to get Venus's atmospheric pressure down, and fast. Whatever it takes to achieve that goal, that's what we need to do. We cannot miss this deadline.

Goal: Complete all milestones

Rewards: 10 cards for Nubia Matiba

Text after achievement:

Congratulations! Despite a serious time crunch, the skies above Venus have cleared and the project is successful! With your help our stock prices are soaring and the future is looking bright for the Horizon Corporation.

Between you and me, my grandfather isn't going to be CEO forever. He's already started discussing his retirement in private, and I'm aiming to be his successor. I won't forget your help when I'm running this business, I think we could do really amazing work together. I'll be in touch.

Important: only press 'Complete Event' when you are ready to leave the event world, because you cannot continue playing that same world after that. You also can't restart and complete this event more than once.