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Post from TerraGenesis' Facebook for the live event.

The Sundering has begun, and there are crises underway all over the planet. Help us restore order, this cannot be the end of Earth!

The Sundering is a live event that runs occasionally, usually starting at 12am UTC on some Saturdays. During the event's runtime it can be reached by tapping an icon of Earth underneath the icon that allows you to Fast Forward worlds. Tapping the event icon will take you directly to an the event planet, a damaged Normal mode Earth with different priorities than a normal Earth would have. The world is played with the UNSA faction.

Four milestones can be reached in the event, each giving different rewards.

This event starts with the Culture values that come with the UNSA, and you are still restricted to the faction's culture limit (No Plutocracy Government). You cannot build satellites in this live event.


The Sundering is a fast-paced and very action-packed live event. However, with the right strategy, it is relatively easy.


  • There is a long-standing glitch that causes cities to drown for no apparent reason when rejoining after being away from the game for a long time.
    • This happens most frequently to playthroughs of Earth.
    • This happens more often when cities are close to sea level.
      • It is recommended to lower sea level to as low as possible while still maintaining paradise habitability.

Following is a guide to complete this live event:

  • Immediately, multiple cities will drown. Do not worry about that.
  • Rely on culture events like "Trade Route Established" and "The League" for revenue.
  • Spend culture points on Industrial and then Democracy.
    • Getting to 25% Industrial is recommended.
      • Less and it will take more time to build and upgrade.
      • More and the biomass increase from Coral Reefs will be too few.
    • It is recommended to get to 50% Democracy.
  • Rush researching Cooling Plant and Coral Reefs.
    • "Rushing" refers to spending GP to quickly finish researching a facility.
    • Prioritize on researching and building Cooling Plants first.
  • Build 2+ Cooling Plants in a city with high elevation.
    • The goal is to negate the temperature increase caused by "Climate Change."
    • It is recommended to build in Southern Africa or Central America.
    • It is recommended to build more than the minimum amount required due to random events in this live events that can destroy facilities.
  • Build and upgrade as many Coral Reefs as possible.
    • If credits become scarce, buying 10,000,000c with 30 GP is recommended for beginners.
      • It is not recommended to buy credits more than once.
  • Use Biofixture Labs to reduce pressure.
  • Use Hab Domes for habitations.
    • Disable and upgrade the facilities to prevent increasing water.
  • Use Spaceports for revenue after stabilizing pressure.
    • 210,000,000c is required to complete the first milestone, assuming no additional cities are drowned.
  • Use transmissions to help with revenue and population.
  • Use governors.
    • Assign biomass-consumption-reduction governors to cities with high population to get more time to prepare at the start.
    • Use revenue governors to get revenue faster.
    • Use biomass-increasing governors to increase biomass more quickly.

Random Events[]

These random events can only happen during this live event. All live-event-exclusive random events have the title of their respective live event.

Facility Destruction[]

Variation 1: Food riots have broken out, causing damage to several buildings.

[number between 1 and 4] of our facilities has/have been destroyed:

- [facility] in [city].

Variation 2: Another wave of debris from the asteroid has entered the atmosphere!

[number between 1 and 4] of our facilities has/have been destroyed:

- [facility] in [city].

Destroys several random facilities. These facilities can be in different cities.

Minor Population Decrease[]

Food and power shortages are causing a spike in local death rates.

Our population in [city] has changed by -[number].

Decreases population in a city by a tiny amount. The amount varies and is based on how big the population is in that city.

Moderate Population Decrease[]

With medical supplies running low, disease is running rampant!

Our population in [city] has changed by -[number].

Decreases population in a city by a moderate amount. The amount varies and is based on how big the population is in that city.

Major Population Decrease[]

A bloody civil war has broken out, devastating the local population.

Our population in [city] has changed by -[number].

Decreases population in a city by a significant amount. The amount varies and is based on how big the population is in that city.

Biomass Decrease[]

The devastation from the asteroid has caused a localized ecosystem collapse!

Our biomass has changed by -[number] Mt.

Decreases biomass by 5-15%? of the total biomass.

In-Game Text[]

Catastrophe. That's what this is, an absolute global catastrophe. An impact that would have wiped out the dinosaurs ten times over, just at the moment that our biosphere was reaching a crisis point.

Now, things are falling apart all over the world. Riots, food shortages, civil wars, environmental collapses, at this point all of them are daily occurrences. The asteroid's debris field also shredded our satellite network and continues to bombard the planet, so we don't even have access to our orbital facilities to help us weather the storm.

We've been given special powers by the United Nations to help however we can, and I'm assigning the task to you.

I'm not going to lie to you, this is a challenge unlike any humanity has ever faced, and I'm not sure how we're going to make it out the other side. The press have already given it a name: the Sundering.


Milestones can be viewed by clicking the event icon (in this case it looks like Earth) while you are already on the event world.

This is also the place where you collect your rewards after you have completed the milestones.

You can earn these milestones in any order (except the last one, that one is last).

Bases of Operations[]

First things first: we need to keep our cities up and running. With enough cities worldwide, we should be able to respond to new crises faster.

Goal: Have 13 cities constructed

Rewards: 5,000,000c, 10 GP

Text after achievement:

Excellent, we now have bases all over the world from which we can work. Now let's start managing this crisis.

Seeking Shelter[]

If this crisis has taught us anything, it's that we don't know what's coming next. We need shelters, so our people can survive if the worst happens. A lot of shelters.

Goal: Increase habitations to 2,000,000

Rewards: 30 GP, Bronze Governor Pack, 10,000,000c

Text after achievement:

Ok, with that done we can move forward with a little more confidence. Very nice work.

Saving Lives[]

At the end of the day, none of this matters if we don't save lives. Keep our population up, and grow it if you can. We'll need all the hands we can get before this is over.

Goal: Increase population to 12,000,000,000

Rewards: Silver Governor Pack, 50 GP, 20,000,000c

Text after achievement:

Nicely done. I'm starting to think we may actually get through this.


Earth was once the gem of the solar system, a blue-green jewel in the black. She's taken a pounding, but before we can call the crisis over, we have to get her back there.

Goal: Achieve paradise habitability

Rewards: 18 Fast-Forward Hours, 100 GP, Silver Governor Pack

Text after achievement:

You actually pulled it off. Earth is looking better now than it did before the impact. I don't know how you did it, but thank you.

The Sundering[]

The Sundering has begun, and there are crises underway all over the planet. Help us restore order, this cannot be the end of Earth!

Goal: Complete all milestones

Rewards: 10 cards for Layla al-Battani, 48 Fast-Forward Hours, 200 GP

Text after achievement:

You did it. I don't know how, but you actually did it. Despite everything that was thrown at us, Earth remains. More than that, she thrives!

The Sundering has been the single most harrowing experience in the history of our world, but we have come through it stronger than ever.

Thank you for your efforts. Because of you, humanity has a future.

Important: only press 'Complete Event' when you are ready to leave the event world, because you cannot continue playing that same world after that. You also can't restart and complete this event more than once.