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Everybody needs water, and with Eurybia we hit the jackpot. Drain these oceans and ship them off-world, our customers are waiting.

Making It Rain is a live event that runs occasionally, usually starting at 12am UTC on some Wednesdays. During the event's runtime it can be reached by tapping an icon of Eurybia underneath the icon that allows you to Fast-Forward worlds. Tapping the event icon will take you directly to the event planet. The world is played with the Horizon Corporation faction.

Four milestones can be reached in the event, each giving different rewards.

This event starts with the Culture values that come with the Horizon Corporation, and you are still restricted to the faction's culture limit (No Knowledge Values) until you build the Lagrange Academy.


This live event is relatively simple. It is around the same difficulty as Under Pressure live event, if not easier.

  • Create 2+ cities, wait for culture revenue and watch culture revenue boosting transmissions and use culture revenue governors for income.
    • Do not use mines as they are very inefficient.
  • Ignore the flooding risk. Even if all the water is liquid, the islands will still be above the sea level.
  • Rush Ice Launchers and place as many as possible into your cities.
  • Use Hab Complexes or Hab Domes and population-increasing facilities to increase building slots.
  • Constantly upgrade your Ice Launchers and build new ones.
    • Pressure may drop below 600 Pa and the water might freeze. Do not worry about this as Ice Launchers still remove water even when it is ice or vapor.
  • Use water-reduction governors.

In-Game Text[]

Hey, Terry. Your nickname is Terry, right? Oh whatever, it is now.

Terry, do you know what is the most vital resource in the interstellar economy? It's not metal or food, it's not coffee, it's not even oxygen. It's water. Everybody needs water, from ship captains to terraforming committees to regular consumers, and they're willing to pay for it. There's a lot of water in the universe, but it usually comes in tiny comets and glaciers on useless moons.

Post from TerraGenesis' Facebook for the live event.

Until now. The Horizon Corporation has been granted exclusive rights to Eurybia, a planet with a truly breathtaking amount of water, and our plan is simple: sell it. Drain every last drop off and ship it off-world. I don't care whether it's liquid, ice or vapor, and I don't care what else you do to this planet in the meantime. Just dry it out before the deadline, and there's a bonus in it for you.

Don't disappoint me, Terry.


Milestones can be viewed by clicking the event icon (in this case it looks like the Random Planet Generator) while you are already on the event world.

This is also the place where you collect your rewards after you have completed the milestones.

You can earn these milestones in any order (except the last one, that one is last).


Who are you? Oh right, Larry. Listen, what part of this do you not understand? Build a city, and start draining the water. It's not rocket science, Larry. Get to work.

Goal: Decrease overall water level to 9,000,000 cm

Rewards: 2,000,000c

Text after achievement:

Ok, we're in business. I've sent you a wire transfer for your cut of the first shipment, which is 0.1% of the net revenue. You're welcome.

Economy of Scale[]

Ok, Carrie, you've proven that you're not totally incompetent, now it's time to prove that you're actually worth your paycheck. Step up your water reduction rate, and let me know when you've hit the next milestone.

Goal: Decrease overall water level to 7,000,000 cm

Rewards: Bronze Governor Pack, 5,000,000c

Text after achievement:

Not bad. Your water sales have increased Horizon's stock percentage by 12%. Keep it coming, Mary.

Draining the Sea[]

You're making good progress, but the clock is ticking. Keep dropping that water level, there's still a long way to go.

Goal: Decrease overall water level to 4,000,000 cm

Rewards: 20 GP, Bronze Governor Pack

Text after achievement:

More than halfway done. Not bad, Harry. Why are you just standing there? What, are you expecting a hug? Go finish the job!

Bone Dry[]

Crunch time, Barry. We need every last drop of water shipped off this planet, and we need it soon. Can you get it done, or not?

Goal: Decrease overall water level to 10 cm

Rewards: 12 Fast-Forward Hours, 20 GP

Text after achievement:

I always liked you, Gary. I always knew you could do this. Nice work, seriously. Now get out, I've got a party to go to.

Making it Rain[]

Everybody needs water, and with Eurybia we hit the jackpot. Drain these oceans and ship them off-world, our customers are waiting.

Goal: Complete all milestones

Rewards: 10 cards for Vivica Matiba-Cavalcanti.

Text after achievement:

There's the Gary we all know and love! Nice work, this is exactly the kind of result that I was expecting.

Thanks to us, the Horizon Corporation has seen its most profitable quarter to date. People on every human world are talking about the new business model that we just created, and I've already greenlit three more similar projects for the upcoming fiscal year.

We really did some good work here, Terry. You're welcome for the opportunity.

Important: only click 'complete event' when you are ready to leave the event world, because you cannot continue playing that same world after that. You also can't restart and complete this event more than once.


  • On 15th May 2021, instead of a usual weekend live event, a "harder" Making It Rain live event was scheduled at 12am UTC. It was eventually found out that the event was on Expert mode. Originally, the event had normal rewards. However, due to some complaints about the unexpected difficulty change, the event restarted at 2am UTC. The rewards were increased after the restart.
    • "Startup" gave 5,000,000c and 10 GP instead of 2,000,000c.
    • "Economy of Scale" gave 10 GP, Bronze Governor Pack, and 10,000,000c instead of Bronze Governor Pack and 5,000,000c
    • "Draining the Sea" gave Silver Governor Pack, 25 GP, and 20,000,000c instead of 20 GP and Bronze Governor Pack.
    • "Bone Dry" gave 6 Fast-Forward Hours and 50 GP instead of 12 Fast-Forward Hours and 20 GP.
    • "Making It Rain" gave 10 cards for Vivica Matiba-Cavalcanti, 24 Fast-Forward Hours, and 100 GP instead of 10 cards for Vivica Matiba-Cavalcanti.