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Organisms with this gene are uncommonly large for their phylum, offering greater support to their predators but requiring greater support to survive.


Make sure to have large-large-large micro-organisms of each phylum in any beginning ecosystem. Micro-organisms don't need support, so this way you simply get more support for free.


Climate Adapted Heat Adapted · Cold Adapted · High Pressure Adapted · Low Pressure Adapted · High Oxygen Adapted · Low Oxygen Adapted · Humidity Adapted · Aridity Adapted
Basic Large · Small · High Metabolism · Low Metabolism · Exothermic · Domesticated · Beautiful · Poisonous · Invasive · Nocturnal · Delicate · Extremophile
Micro-Organisms only Infectious · Nitrogen-Fixing · Airborne
Plants & Algae only Cash-Crop · Fruit-Bearing · Deciduous · Photosynthetic · Flowering
Animals only Social Behavior · Flying · Pair Bonding · Scavenger