At just 38 years old, Keahi Malae is the youngest person ever elected to be Director of the Far Future Institute. Malae rose to prominence for his work stabilizing the surface temperature of Mercury, and famously invented the Malae Frequency Buffer algorithm as a side-project while earning his Ph.D. in planetary science.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

When you assign the epic governor Keahi Malae to a city, facilities in that city that reduce temperature will reduce temperature even more.

Secondly, the maintenance costs for the facilities in that city will decrease. 

Thirdly, building new facilities in that city will cost less credits. This effect does not affect the costs of upgrading already built facilities..

This governor's power booster ability only affects Heat Reduction, not Facility Maintenance or Construction Time, since those cannot be boosted.

Unlike other governors, this governor is not possible to get in card packs. The only way to is to get them from Gedi live events.

Level Cards Strength Effect 1 Strength Effect 2 Strength Effect 3
I 1 +10% Heat Reduction -5% Facility Maintenance -5% Construction Time
II 6 +20% Heat Reduction -10% Facility Maintenance -10% Construction Time
III 16 +30% Heat Reduction -15% Facility Maintenance -15% Construction Time
IV 31 +40% Heat Reduction -20% Facility Maintenance -20% Construction Time
V 56 +60% Heat Reduction -25% Facility Maintenance -25% Construction Time
VI 91 +80% Heat Reduction -30% Facility Maintenance -30% Construction Time
VII 136 +100% Heat Reduction -35% Facility Maintenance -35% Construction Time
VIII 196 +120% Heat Reduction -40% Facility Maintenance -40% Construction Time
IX 271 +140% Heat Reduction -45% Facility Maintenance -45% Construction Time
X 371 +200% Heat Reduction -50% Facility Maintenance -50% Construction Time

Lore[edit | edit source]

Keahi Malae Lore.png

From TerraGenesis' Instagram account.

The scientific community is often criticized for lacking leadership. Among the brilliant minds timidly vying for grants and wishing only to pursue the task of experimentation, there are too few willing to fight for funding in perpetuity, or to extol the virtues of free science to a room full of skeptics. His willingness to stand before the cameras and present the case for pure innovation is what made Keahi Malae the most logical choice for next Director of the Far-Future Institute, at just 38 years old.

Few know that Malae was actually aboard the International Space Station on the fateful day that Olivia Stein put her Soletta prototype to the test. He was a mere research fellow at the time, and when Stein departed unceremoniously after suggesting that the tech be tested on Mercury, most assumed that the proposed project would simply fade into the ether of noble impracticality. What no one expected was that Malae, driven by his excitement for this technological marvel, would manage to pass that excitement on to powerful investors, and ultimately be selected to lead a new effort to stabilize Mercury's extreme temperature. His proficiency with predicting hypothetical scenarios and countering them was matched only by his infectious enthusiasm for the project, which rallied his research team to heed his every directive and, ultimately, achieve the first step in making Mercury as habitable as Mars has become.

Since the victory in our inner solar system which propelled him to his current leadership position, Malae has set his sights on worlds far beyond the asteroid belt, and what advances it would take to make the journey to such planets achievable without being a one-way trip. To answer such questions, he has led the largest recruitment effort the FFI has seen in a generation, beginning with the celebrated Dr. Stein. Together with the most gifted and creative minds of the terraforming age, Malae hopes to bring about a new era of enlightenment in which spacefaring humans look beyond the traditions of the past and the needs of the present, toward a brighter, more wondrous future.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

He is the leader of the Far-Future Institute

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