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A promising Lieutenant Commander in the Gaian Navy, Kalani made her name during the first series of submarine dives under the ice of Europa looking for evidence of native life. Since then she has become an expert advisor for deep-water exploration within the Gaian military hierarchy.


When you assign the common governor Kainoa Akna Kalani to a city, facilities in that city that increase your world's water levels will increase water levels even more.

Level Cards Strength Effect 1
I 1 +10% Water Growth
II 6 +20% Water Growth
III 16 +30% Water Growth
IV 31 +40% Water Growth
V 56 +60% Water Growth
VI 91 +80% Water Growth
VII 136 +100% Water Growth
VIII 196 +120% Water Growth
IX 271 +140% Water Growth
X 371 +200% Water Growth


Kainoa Akna Kalani Lore.png

Kainoa Akna Kalani was literally born into Gaian Imperial Navy. Her mother gave birth while serving on the Gaian flagship, and Kalani spent her childhood on military vessels and outposts scattered around the solar system. Both her parents were seasoned interplanetary explorers with successful naval careers, and Kainoa never questioned her destiny of a life of military service. But as she grew older she also became fixated on oceanography and marine biology, which opened her eyes to a whole world that was almost totally unknown to Gaian society on the scorching and toxic surface of Venus. On the day that she came of age, Kalani announced her intention to study at the newly-established Irai Leima Naval Academy, specializing in maritime exploration.⁣

After serving on several missions in the watery oceans of Earth and the methane seas of Titan, Lieutenant Commander Kalani was put in charge of the "IGS Mildred H. McAfee", a submarine that had been tasked with descending through the 20 kilometers of ice which blanketed Europa, to explore the pitch-black oceans below. On their nineteen-day expedition, Kalani's six-woman crew circumnavigated the moon twice, produced the first bathymetric maps of Europa's ocean floor, and (according to persistent rumors) encountered a number of strange lifeforms and unexplainable phenomena, the exact nature of which was subsequently been classified by the Gaian High Command. ⁣

After her famous mission, the young officer became a minor celebrity throughout the solar system. Today she is recognized as the premier authority in deep-water exploration within the Gaian capital of Ishtar. But while her professionalism and talent have served her well, her personal fascination with astrobiology has been seen by many as antithetical to the Gaian reverence for Earth-based life. She has therefore become a somewhat controversial figure in the Gaian establishment, a symbol of what some refer to as "second-wave Gaianism" or "Xeno-Gaianism" popular among the younger generation. Only time will tell how far Kalani's thirst for discovery will take her, or what new mysteries she may discover beneath the waves.

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  • Her first and last name imply that she is of Hawaiian descent.
  • Her clan name, "Akna," suggests that she comes from the Akna Montes region of Venus.
  • She shares her clan name with the governer Miguel Akna Henriquez Sepúlveda.
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