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A prodigy A.I. programmer, by the age of 14 Black had already developed critical systems for automating frontier settlements on distant moons.


When you assign the rare governor Justus Black to a city, facilities in that city that reduce your world's oxygen levels will reduce oxygen levels even more.

Secondly, the population of that city will consume less biomass. When you play with the Biospheres function enabled population does not consume biomass anyways, so this effect will not do anything.

This governor's power booster ability will only affect Oxygen Reduction, and not Biomass Consumption, since Biomass Consumption cannot be boosted.

If you are playing with the Biospheres function enabled, instead of the biomass function, then the biomass consumption effect that Justus Black has will not actually do anything. On Beginner difficulty, this also does not do anything, as biomass consumption is not a feature in that mode.

Level Cards Strength Effect 1 Strength Effect 2
I 1 +10% Oxygen Reduction -5% Biomass Consumption
II 6 +20% Oxygen Reduction -10% Biomass Consumption
III 16 +30% Oxygen Reduction -15% Biomass Consumption
IV 31 +40% Oxygen Reduction -20% Biomass Consumption
V 56 +60% Oxygen Reduction -25% Biomass Consumption
VI 91 +80% Oxygen Reduction -30% Biomass Consumption
VII 136 +100% Oxygen Reduction -35% Biomass Consumption
VIII 196 +120% Oxygen Reduction -40% Biomass Consumption
IX 271 +140% Oxygen Reduction -45% Biomass Consumption
X 371 +200% Oxygen Reduction -50% Biomass Consumption


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The early space age made clear the need for a new sort of school curriculum centered around engineering and academic creativity, as young minds would be tasked with the challenge of propelling human settlement beyond Earth's orbit. While wider education was slow to adapt, several worldwide scholarship programs began to emerge, all seeking the brightest minds of a new generation to foster and, in some cases, exploit their budding genius. One name that rose to the top of every recruiter's list was Justus Black, an 11-year-old whose natural affinity for coding already showed great promise.⁣

Even during his boyhood at a modest public school, Justus' aptitude set him apart from his fellow students. He tinkered with servos and motor drivers brought to him by teachers, while the other kids leapt about the playground. When placed in an advanced machinery course, he would correct his teacher on minor mathematical errors. This inclination towards learning made him feel ostracized, and earned him his fair share of bullying. Despite this, he was hesitant when offered a work-based learning position at the Far-Future Institute, so desperate he was to have a normal childhood. Fortunately for humanity, his parents convinced him that normalcy was overrated.⁣

Upon arriving at the FFI, Justus immediately observed how reliant their space tech still was on manual processes. Without skipping a beat, he eagerly set to work on blueprints for a series of automated A.I. systems which could be fitted into all machinery necessary for both reaching and terraforming distant planets. Bewildered, when asked by his new peers how he'd conceived of these systems, Black blithely responded, "It just makes sense, doesn't it?" The Institute quickly offered a full-time position, and when returning home to bid farewell to his family and friends, Justus discovered that rather than being an outcast, he had many friends rooting him on, excited to see someone their age take to the stars. Now 14 years old, he is devoting the remainder of his life to extending humanity's reach to new worlds, while also ensuring that more gifted kids will have access to the same opportunities he has had.

From Terragenesis's Instagram page


  • At age 14, he is currently the youngest confirmed governor available.
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